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It looks good on you, though.

My husband has never been a fan of my decorating style. One person described it as “whimsical Alfred Hitchcock” and another as “creepy, but still cool.”
I like to think of my tiny house as vintage funky. But at 880 sq ft. (and with only one closet), my OCD has to stay in overdrive to keep [...]

Vicariously living through other women’s adventures

If  you are home,  bored,  and drinking that third glass of wine, I recommend you check out photographer Sandy Wheaton’s Route 66 blog.
Sandy is driving the entire length of historic route 66 and capturing some pretty amazing photographs as she goes along. Oh, and she is doing it while camping in a (bathroom-less) Aliner trailer [...]

1970 Marlette Trailer

I spent this summer cleaning up a 1970s trailer to serve as my summer abode.  Quite a bit of work, especially since racoons had taken up residence a few years ago.
In any case, here are some before and after shots of my new summer home….