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I found my husband!

Grand Canyon kicks my ass, but I’ll be back

I made it to the Grand Canyon! The drive in was beautiful and strange. As I rounded the curvy road and got closer to the North Rim, I drove through acres and acres of burned forest.

It turns out it was a controlled burn intended for the health of the Kaibab forest, but still offers up [...]

One more on Zion National Park

In my relief, I didn’t get to post about the real beauty and majesty of Zion National Park.  What is so extraordinary is the height of the sandstone structures. You can’t appreciate the scale in most photos, but these should help. This is the same photo, cropped down three times, to show you the rock [...]

My pretty campsite at Zion

Zion National Park Tunnel

You used to only be able to enter Zion National Park from the west, but in 1922 they blasted their way through the sandstone to create an eastern entrance.  At the time, it was the most expensive mile of road ever developed in the United States – $2 million dollars, on the eve of the [...]

Warning: Road May Not Be Passable

I was scared, again, this morning. Everytime I re-checked my route on Google Maps, it always defaulted to a long detour onto an interstate up north – having me go straight north, straight west, and then straight south down to Escalante, Utah.  The little ’scenic’ route that was much shorter didn’t even show up, and [...]

Off to cooler climes

Re-entry from cool Northern Michigan has not been easy.  The record heat wave and drought have my air conditioning heaving. My yard and landscaping did not survive my absence, and water restrictions are being enforced with $500 tickets for violators.  (And in my eco-aware neighborhood, being caught watering or even having a hint of green [...]