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Lice treatment

I didn’t do my homework.
In lieu of that, I’ll turn in an old one.
Drinking and yapping with my sisters about my dad’s version of lice treatment in the 1970s. (Don’t try this at home.)
Joey, as always, is videographer.
It’s Thursday, so my goal is to SHARE in the beginner’s AA meeting tonight for the first time. [...]

Twenty four hours in an 8 by 7 room

“You’re not going anywhere,” Joey announces as I am packing my overnight bag in the back of her RV.
I’m out of meds and really need to get home.
“It is snow, sleet, and ice all across Interstate 35 today,” she continues.
I slump down onto her couch and ask her to show me the weather radar. A [...]

RV Slumber Party

I’m in Bedford, Texas, at the Family Homeless Shelter.
Actually, I am in the driveway of the Family Homeless Shelter, in my sister Joey’s RV, sitting on a twin mattress that I dragged out of the garage.  I’m freezing my ass off.
Joey’s RV is a 1997 Fleetwood Bounder. She’s ripped out every piece of furniture and [...]

Thanksgiving with the Fam

“Did you know that Jennifer is driving to the North Pole?”
A look combining fear and sadness contorts my father’s face, “Oh no…”  trailing off, he looks as if he’s just been told I was diagnosed with a terrible illness.
“I’m not driving to the North Pole, Mom, I’m driving to the Arctic Circle.”
“I don’t think you [...]

She read it.

I am in the middle of cleaning out my garage and getting rid of more stuff! Yeah!
I will just copy and paste Joey’s response to my blog. The p.s.  line made me laugh.

Love love love your blog… your style and humor of communicating.
I was laughing nervously when talking about me.. .. Lol.. [...]

My sister wants to read my blog

I let it slip.
Joey knows I am (still) blogging.
She wants to read what I’ve written.
My response, “Well, I’ve kept it kind of private. I’ve written pretty candidly about myself, our relationship… mom.”
Joey, “You’ve written about me!”
Me, “Well…. I wrote about my struggling with feeling like you were kind of appropriating my trip.”
Joey, “I want to [...]

One point for the bookworm

My trip to the Arctic Ocean has this strangely dual quality of being almost completely private  (friends and most of my family unaware) and completely public (openly shared on this semi-anonymous blog).
I think starting this blog is a way to create a protected space where I hope people will be supportive of me and this [...]

How do you tell family they can’t come with you?

I’ve been working hard to plan my move to an RV and my inaugural drive to the Arctic. As evidenced by previous posts, I’ve spent almost TOO much time planning for a seemingly infinite variety of possibilities.
So, after all of my hard work, research, extensive planning, etc., my late-to-the-game sister is getting excited, saying, “Send [...]

Giving up hobbies, like drinking bottles of wine

I haven’t had any wine (or related beverages) in over two weeks.