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Auto Mechanics, day one

“Do you know where the Automotive Tech course is meeting?”
I’ve walked down an alleyway and am standing in front of a man working in a garage. Nothing around here looks like a classroom.
“Which class are you looking for?” turning toward me as he wipes his hands on a rag.
“Automotive Tech.” I start to blush as [...]

The First Day of School

Nice to meet you

Anthony Hopkins was at the top of the stairs, staring down at me.
Afraid and confused, I glance to the bulletin boards of Swift Hall, home of the graduate program in religious studies at the University of Chicago.
No longer were there posters for upcoming academic conferences or religious studies news, but strange mathematical [...]

I am completely terrified of people

A while back I read a post about RVing and introversion by Cherie on Technomadia.com.  Her post was very comforting to me and has become one of the 100 random thoughts circling repetitively through my head.
Her take is basically what I am hoping will be the case for me – the fact that she can [...]

Giving up hobbies, like drinking bottles of wine

I haven’t had any wine (or related beverages) in over two weeks.

I’m on a boat!

With the exception of my brief love affair with the van-plan, I’ve been set on the class C style motorhome. I’d heard that class As were better for fulltiming, but have insisted that I prefer the smaller version.
After reflecting on it, I realized (with dread) that I didn’t exactly favor driving the class C, but [...]

Grand Canyon kicks my ass, but I’ll be back

I made it to the Grand Canyon! The drive in was beautiful and strange. As I rounded the curvy road and got closer to the North Rim, I drove through acres and acres of burned forest.

It turns out it was a controlled burn intended for the health of the Kaibab forest, but still offers up [...]

Psychotic Grandma takes me hiking

Realizing I have crammed too much into two days, I have a hurried drive to Zion National Park, a quick camp set up (I feel like a pro at this point), and an early morning jump on the trail shuttle with very little preparation.  Sore from my previous day’s hike, and desperate to see a [...]

Warning: Road May Not Be Passable

I was scared, again, this morning. Everytime I re-checked my route on Google Maps, it always defaulted to a long detour onto an interstate up north – having me go straight north, straight west, and then straight south down to Escalante, Utah.  The little ’scenic’ route that was much shorter didn’t even show up, and [...]

One day, four states

In the interest of updating my blog, I am going to seriously lower the standard of writing.  Trying to write after eleven hours of driving is tough. BUT, today’s drive was unbelievable.
I woke up really early, so was on the road before six. I know the Texas panhandle is not celebrated for it’s beauty, but [...]

Google Map vs. Road Atlas

Because I can’t access Google Maps while I am driving, I tend to rely on my old fashioned Road Atlas for planning my trips.  I noticed that parts of my Utah route had blurred roads, but didn’t pay attention or worry about them until I decided to look them up more closely on Google.
Here is [...]