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RV Driving School?

As I think about getting down to Roman Holiday to test drive the Winnebago Journey, I’ve realized that I need to figure out how I am going to get a lot more time behind the wheel of a big ass diesel pusher before I make my final purchase decision.
So, I was thinking that I should [...]

Arctic Ocean itinerary

After an obsessive weekend of research, I now have a very detailed itinerary on how I will drive to the Arctic Ocean for summer solstice.
It is actually not that complicated! I would drive across the US to visit Yellowstone, then to Glacier National Park, then into Alberta, Canada, across British Columbia (where I pick up [...]

The Road to Inuvik

My Milepost arrived in the mail today! The Milepost is an annually updated publication on driving the Alaskan Canadian highway, popularly referred to (well, by the few that might refer to it) as the Alcan. It is still an ambitious longshot for me, but I am up studying the suggested itineraries.
Fairbanks, Alaska is about 500 [...]

May 1st

That is the goal date for my full time van plan. Well, the van plan has actually morphed into an RV plan. I’ve decided that I will need a bit more space so am looking for a 25-27 ft Class C motorhome.  (What I rented in April of this year.)
Not sure where my first trip [...]

Off to cooler climes

Re-entry from cool Northern Michigan has not been easy.  The record heat wave and drought have my air conditioning heaving. My yard and landscaping did not survive my absence, and water restrictions are being enforced with $500 tickets for violators.  (And in my eco-aware neighborhood, being caught watering or even having a hint of green [...]