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RV Slumber Party

I’m in Bedford, Texas, at the Family Homeless Shelter.
Actually, I am in the driveway of the Family Homeless Shelter, in my sister Joey’s RV, sitting on a twin mattress that I dragged out of the garage.  I’m freezing my ass off.
Joey’s RV is a 1997 Fleetwood Bounder. She’s ripped out every piece of furniture and [...]

Oh my god I found it

Okay, seriously, no surprise, I am planning to buy something much smaller than the class A I test drove. I am going to write more about that later, but wanted to thank you all for sharing your experience and opinions last week.
I know some of you have expressed reluctance about sharing your opinions or concern [...]

RV Driving School?

As I think about getting down to Roman Holiday to test drive the Winnebago Journey, I’ve realized that I need to figure out how I am going to get a lot more time behind the wheel of a big ass diesel pusher before I make my final purchase decision.
So, I was thinking that I should [...]

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Giving

One of the things I have been struggling with as I try to think about someone that I can give to each day is my tendency to judge the potential recipient’s worthiness or unworthiness of my charity. (Nice of me, huh?)
This occurred to me late one day when I had not yet done my daily [...]

Getting out of my crazy brain

I can be pretty self absorbed, especially when I don’t feel well.
So, in a desperate attempt to knock myself out of my trying-to-not-drink agitation, I decided that I should take some recently given advice with regard to getting out of myself by giving back.
A few weeks ago, I ordered a book called 29 Gifts by [...]

I think this might be my girl

I have done a pathological amount of research, but feel like I am honing in on what I’d like to buy!
I am really attached to the 2000-ish Winnebago Journey, so hope I can get something like this or very close.
What I like:

Diesel Pusher
36 feet
Has that Cummins Engine that all the guys have told me I [...]

I’m gonna get a big ass diesel pusher

The longer I wait, the bigger it gets.  More research has me now fixated on the diesel pusher class A.  I test drove a gasoline powered class A, but, after more research (and a lot of help from the Yahoo Diesel RV Group) I’ve decided to test drive the diesel pusher.
Having fishtailed under a semi [...]

I’m going to sell my house

I emailed our realtor. I am not sure if I am going crazy or finally freeing myself from a bunch of stuff that does nothing but weigh me down.
This quote, from Emily Fagan’s blog Roads Less Traveled, put me over the edge:
“As I read, and thought, and stared at my stuff around me, I slowly [...]

The Road to Inuvik

My Milepost arrived in the mail today! The Milepost is an annually updated publication on driving the Alaskan Canadian highway, popularly referred to (well, by the few that might refer to it) as the Alcan. It is still an ambitious longshot for me, but I am up studying the suggested itineraries.
Fairbanks, Alaska is about 500 [...]

May 1st

That is the goal date for my full time van plan. Well, the van plan has actually morphed into an RV plan. I’ve decided that I will need a bit more space so am looking for a 25-27 ft Class C motorhome.  (What I rented in April of this year.)
Not sure where my first trip [...]

Fulltime Van Plan

I seem to have convinced David of my plan. It involves renting out my (much adored) central Austin house, upgrading his gulf coast home to be our ‘home base’, and, here’s the best part, the purchase of a van for me to live and travel in! (Duration, undetermined.)
I am up late obsessing what kind of [...]

I recognize that you think this is a terrible idea

Two days of obsessive researching and I think I have my driving and lodging plan all set.  Adding in all the Southern Utah sites I want to visit on my way to the Grand Canyon, I’ve calculated that I will be on the road for two weeks — unless I can figure out a way [...]