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Getting out of my crazy brain

I can be pretty self absorbed, especially when I don’t feel well.
So, in a desperate attempt to knock myself out of my trying-to-not-drink agitation, I decided that I should take some recently given advice with regard to getting out of myself by giving back.
A few weeks ago, I ordered a book called 29 Gifts by [...]

I adopted a family!

I used to hate the holiday season. Like a lot of us, the excessive materialism would leave me feeling more cynical than celebratory.
And (as noted way too many times by me, I promise to stop), I live in a tiny house. I have no space for extra coffee mugs, candle holders, and the novelty picture [...]

Donating in the Rain

With the Lifeworks donation pickup scheduled for 11am today, I figured I could wake up early to get everything in the driveway ready to go. I woke up to torrential rain. Lounging around in my nightgown, drinking coffee, and watching the rain pour down, I really didn’t want to don the big blue rain parka [...]

Lifeworks 1.0

Lifeworks had a big fundraiser last week, so they asked if they could delay the pick up of my furniture until October 9th. Despite my readiness to get rid of the things in my garage, I was happy to have some extra time to sort through the closets in my house.  But I only have [...]