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I don’t like sounding like a dumbass

I am mega-dosing on AA meetings. Sometimes I go to two meetings a day.
I sit in the meeting and these other people talk about how they have lost the compulsion to drink. For some of them, that occurred soon after they started going to AA. That is not the case for me.

I am perplexed by [...]

A brown turtleneck

I went online to buy this brown turtleneck that was on sale for $25.90.

Then I decided that since I wear these almost everyday, I should order four.
Then I saw this Steve Madden jacket. Man, that would look great over a brown turtleneck.

50% off and marked down to $48.90.
Then I saw these boots. Wow, this is [...]


“You might have hair loss and weight gain.” The hippy-lady psychiatrist is laid back, unlike any I’d met with before, so I am trying to keep my typical suspicious hostility in check.
“Well, I have a lot of hair and am thin, so maybe that won’t be too bad.”
“The hair loss can be patchy and the [...]

30 days sober and my first day of volunteering

“Here comes Meals on Wheels,” a bored voice flatly calls out.
I am ineffectively trying to keep two bags of food from falling off my makeshift dolly when I hear the woman announce my arrival. I’m in the lobby of a large low income housing facility and a bit turned around.
“Hi,” I reply to the woman, [...]

This post is going to give me a panic attack

I keep wanting to write about my not-drinking and my going to AA, but everything I write I throw away. It just comes out too weird and contorted.
So, I am just going to write a big messy post about it.
I’ve been going to meetings, but haven’t been sharing or introducing myself. They ask for people [...]

I went to an AA meeting

They are really nice.
They laugh a lot.
I’ll write about it tomorrow.

Living in My Car Crash

I have become too obsessed with you.
As it typical for me, I don’t do anything in moderation and then completely wear myself out.  It is something I am still learning.
It means so much to me that people are reading my blog.  I have blogged twice before when I traveled and assumed that this blog would [...]

I can’t believe that I’m a drunk

My mother quit drinking when I was in the fifth grade.
She gave me lots of warnings about alcohol, explaining that being a drunk runs in her large Irish Catholic family.
Because of that, I have been pretty cautious. I know to limit myself to two drinks and to be very wary of any habitual drinking patterns.
Unfortunately, [...]

Return of the Wimp

I like to act tough. I like to seem strong. I like for people to think that I can kick ass.
After I do that, I usually run in my room and hide for a few days.
That is what I did today.
Working on my house kicked my ass.


In 2006, I returned to Austin to work with my beloved academic mentor, Bob Solomon.
In 2007, while changing plans in the Zurich Airport, Bob unexpectedly died.
His life and death had a profound impact on people around the world.
Here is an excerpt of his philosophy (from his cameo appearance in The Waking Life) that many found [...]

A 2X4 to the head would be nice.

The more I learn about RVs, the more frustrated I get with figuring out what I should purchase. My kind advisors fall into a few camps. Advice varies from:

Don’t overthink this – just buy an affordable, used class A motorhome for your first year ($35Kish). After that, you can trade in knowing exactly what you [...]

Giving up hobbies, like drinking bottles of wine

I haven’t had any wine (or related beverages) in over two weeks.

Spending more than I earn: my current finances and income

As everyone who is trying to make this leap to a simpler existence knows, one of the first challenges is trying to significantly decrease your out of pocket expenses.  For me, that means getting out from a mortgage that is too big and paying off credit card debt.
I currently spend more than I take in [...]

Grand Canyon kicks my ass, but I’ll be back

I made it to the Grand Canyon! The drive in was beautiful and strange. As I rounded the curvy road and got closer to the North Rim, I drove through acres and acres of burned forest.

It turns out it was a controlled burn intended for the health of the Kaibab forest, but still offers up [...]