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Thanksgiving with the Fam

“Did you know that Jennifer is driving to the North Pole?”
A look combining fear and sadness contorts my father’s face, “Oh no…”  trailing off, he looks as if he’s just been told I was diagnosed with a terrible illness.
“I’m not driving to the North Pole, Mom, I’m driving to the Arctic Circle.”
“I don’t think you [...]

My house is looking good; me, not so much

My house is starting to come together.
One bad thing is that my brother said we can’t do the roof ourselves, as there are already two (maybe three) layers of shingles that need to be removed.
I called a roofing company to get an estimate on roof removal and replacement, as well as just on removal (where [...]

oh please god not again

My brother Joel arrives tonight. We are going to do the rest of the updates on my house this weekend.