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Let me know if you need one

Mistakenly believing that we were in for another classroom session, I show up for auto mechanics in my favorite heeled boots, a light pink turtleneck, and big curly hair.
“Okay, we are going to the shop to do oil changes today.”

Scrambling to find a hair band in my purse, the next thing I know I’m flat [...]

Test Drive

I attended my Automotive Electrical Systems course and love it! It is not easy, but it is very, very fun. We played with all sorts of electrical stuff. Why have you guys been keeping all these fun things to yourselves?
I’m driving 460 miles to test drive a 2006 Winnebago View today. (230 miles each way.)
I [...]

Auto Mechanics, day one

“Do you know where the Automotive Tech course is meeting?”
I’ve walked down an alleyway and am standing in front of a man working in a garage. Nothing around here looks like a classroom.
“Which class are you looking for?” turning toward me as he wipes his hands on a rag.
“Automotive Tech.” I start to blush as [...]

Auto mechanics classes start today!

This afternoon I have my first auto mechanics class.  I am really nervous, but really excited!
This is a real technical program to become a professional auto mechanic. Who do you think will be in my class?  It is limited to twelve students. I hope to God that I am not the only woman.
I take one [...]

Twenty four hours in an 8 by 7 room

“You’re not going anywhere,” Joey announces as I am packing my overnight bag in the back of her RV.
I’m out of meds and really need to get home.
“It is snow, sleet, and ice all across Interstate 35 today,” she continues.
I slump down onto her couch and ask her to show me the weather radar. A [...]


Interstate 35 is congested and I’m stuck behind a slow moving tractor trailer. Eyeing the passing lane, I realize that my economy hatchback can’t garner enough speed to safely move into the faster traffic.
I’ve made it halfway home and have about a hundred miles to go. I slow down behind the truck, keeping my eye [...]

I drove it

I finally drove the Winnebago Journey! Much easier to drive than I thought, but big, lumbering, and even needed a jump to get started.
I also drove a Fleetwood Pulse. (A diesel class C on the Sprinter chassis). That was one hot little thing, but too pricey for me.
I am going to take your advice, once [...]

I think this might be my girl

I have done a pathological amount of research, but feel like I am honing in on what I’d like to buy!
I am really attached to the 2000-ish Winnebago Journey, so hope I can get something like this or very close.
What I like:

Diesel Pusher
36 feet
Has that Cummins Engine that all the guys have told me I [...]

The joy of sucking at things

I am now officially enrolled in my auto mechanics courses!
I have to start dressing differently, because, once again, I felt a little sheepish in my heels. (I was out running other errands, so don’t laugh at me James.)
It is such a strange departure for me to be enrolling in this program, as I have no [...]

Registering for Auto Mechanics!

I’ve met with an advisor and have my courses selected for my Auto Technician certificate! For the spring semester, I will be taking:

Introduction to Automotive Technology
Automotive Electrical Systems
Automotive Suspension and Steering
Automotive Engine Repair

I’m gonna get a big ass diesel pusher

The longer I wait, the bigger it gets.  More research has me now fixated on the diesel pusher class A.  I test drove a gasoline powered class A, but, after more research (and a lot of help from the Yahoo Diesel RV Group) I’ve decided to test drive the diesel pusher.
Having fishtailed under a semi [...]

Getting too excited

I have so many things that I am excited about that I can hardly keep track.  So, in chronological order, the things I am looking forward to:
1) Lisiting my house:  About 90 days
2) Starting my Auto Mechanics Course:  About 3 months and 5 days
3) Moving into my RV:  About 5-7 months.
4) Leaving for Arctic Ocean/Alaska:  [...]

What to do until then

I feel TRAPPED in my house. My cute little bungalow, that I love, feels like a prison. I want to drive away.  But I can’t, just yet.
So, to feel like I am still working toward my simpler life on the road, I’ve decided to beef up my knowledge on related topics . Since I know [...]