Why is your blog called “Living In My Car” when you lived in an expensive RV?

Because I was camping out of my economy car when I started this blog. I was hoping to upgrade to a van, but bought a nice RV, which I subsequently sold because it was too expensive. I am now back in the process of trying to affordably vandwell.

How old are you?

I was born in 1971.

Do you still want to kill yourself?

No. Psychoanalysis seems to have fixed that.

But you sound like you are still nuts.

That side of me is disproportionately represented on this blog.

What about safety on the road? Aren’t you afraid someone else is going to try to kill you?

I felt afraid when I was home watching the news and imagining how scary the world was. Once I was out on the road meeting real people, I stopped feeling afraid.

Are you a solo traveler or are you in a relationship?question

Both. I travel solo and my partner meets me in various locales. (To respect his privacy, I don’t blog about him.)

Where does your partner live if you rented out your house?

He has always had his own house.

Do you have kids?

No. Yes. I did fertility treatment in Africa (where it is cheaper) and had a baby boy as a single mother by choice in April 2012.

How do you support yourself?

I co-founded a small company in 1999 that finally started making money in 2004. I sold my stake in that company for a very small sum and am now starting another (very similar) business on my own.

I’d like to meet you!

Despite my chatty blog, I am pretty quiet in person.

I post comments, but they don’t show up. What is the deal?

There are two possibilities:

One: I have no idea. Sometimes I post comments and they don’t show up either.

Two: You posted something really mean or weird, so now all of your messages auto-delete so I don’t see them.