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Icefields Parkway

I have Internet! I’ve missed you guys.
Here are some pictures of the Icefields, um, Parkway? I don’t have time to look up the name.  Anyway, it is the drive from Banff to Jasper and is the most jaw-dropping, spectacular scenery of my trip so far.
My camera cannot capture the majesty of this place. There are [...]

Third Party Update

(Jennifer is finding Internet hard to come by during this phase of her trek. She managed to get a text message to me and asked me to share it with you. David)
I ended up making a long drive from Spokane to Lake Louise, an
unplanned departure from my original itinerary.
The drive from Banff to Jasper is [...]

Look where I am!

Thoughts on moving from my stick home to my motorhome

(Note: I have a really slow internet connection, so can’t upload pictures. I wanted to fill this one with pictures of all the animals I’ve seen so far, but that will have to be it’s own post. I’ve seen more than you can imagine!)
A few days ago, Kari posted a comment asking me if there [...]


I had horrific nightmares that some maniacal forklift operator was hysterically circling my motorhome.

Park Yes, Internet No

Hello to everyone. I just spoke to Jennifer (also known as my wife) and after a long, sleepless night at Wal-Mart she made it to Rocky Mountain National Park and finds it beautiful, but also finds that her Internet connection is not working. She’s anxious to update, so if anybody has information on wireless in [...]

Tonight: My First Walmart

What a luxury to wake up cold! It was in the 40s last night, a nice change from the Texas heat.
I decided to stay for the afternoon in Lamar, Colorado since tonight will be my first foray into Walmart camping.
Wish me luck.

Homemade Rig?

I saw this while pulling out of my RV park in Amarillo. Did this guy construct this himself? It said Allegro on the trailer/house part of it. (If you click on the picture a few times, you can see a bigger version.)


My automotive electrical systems class is hard. I don’t understand it.

I have lots of homework

In lieu of writing a blog post, I am going to try to complete my Ford online course on engine performance.
I’m sure you are proud of me.

Test Drive

I attended my Automotive Electrical Systems course and love it! It is not easy, but it is very, very fun. We played with all sorts of electrical stuff. Why have you guys been keeping all these fun things to yourselves?
I’m driving 460 miles to test drive a 2006 Winnebago View today. (230 miles each way.)
I [...]



I’m scared

My auto mechanics courses start this month!
First day of school is January 19th. I will attend classes Monday through Thursday from 1:45 to 4:15pm until May 16th.
I’m scared because I received my school supplies list. I don’t know what any of this is. Oh, except the flashlight and safety goggles. I know what those are.
How [...]