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Sorry to those of you who’ve gotten spammed by my blog

When I ‘quit’ email, I also turned off my blog notifications. It seems, in the meantime, I’ve been overrun by spam comments. I am going to try to clear those out. Sorry to those of you get the comments from my blog.
Hope you are doing well! I am loving my new job!
Take care,

Quick Update

Sorry I’ve been out of touch. I am in finals, was teaching a class, and had a teething baby.
The super good news is that I got my dream job! A year and a half before I expected. AND I’ve got my living expenses to about $1,000 a month! (Though I am technically “homeless.”)
More later, but [...]

A Case for Vandwelling

I thought that I was settling down to have a baby, but the settling down part may be shorter lived than I expected.
In reality, I am still quite itinerant with my boy. Silas and I sleep in at least three different houses each week – our primary home (where we rent a room), my brother’s [...]

September 2012 Update (reposted)

I’m going to start blogging again, so am trying to reorganize old posts. This is an old one.
Thanks to all of you who have been checking up on me! I’ve received quite a few notes and inquiries, so wanted to provide an update.
Everything is going very well! I travelled solo to Africa last year, am [...]

Bye Bye Mini. It was fun!

She drove off with her new owners yesterday.

Back in my Mini

All is going really well with me, but a lot has changed.
I moved back into my Mini last month. I decided to move to a smaller town and so am living in an RV park for now. (Not as fun as a National Park and it is hot!) The owner came by today to collect [...]

All is well

Just a note to say that all is well. I haven’t repaired the circuit yet, but have just left it shut down.
I had my 40th birthday, today is my sister’s birthday, and my father had hip replacement surgery yesterday, so things are just very busy.
Hope all is well in the blogosphere!
Take care,
p.s. I am WAY [...]

How many of you get vertigo?

I still can’t hold a coherent thought. I think it is a combination of too many new (and exciting) changes that have my brain going in a lot of different directions, a case of vertigo that has been stalking me since Thanksgiving (I’ve gotten bouts of it since I was 30), a bad cold, and [...]

Destination Unknown

I have been in Texas for a couple of weeks and am feeling extreme wanderlust…
But, where should I go? I always have a very detailed plan.
I don’t have a plan.
I think I’m just going to start driving.
I’m leaving today.
(Any ideas?)

I’m on the road…

Taking a long and new route back to Texas.
I did a lot of work on my RV in Michigan, so hopefully I can post some new interior photos when I get to David’s house.
I just want to let you know where I am!
Take care,

I write a lot of personal stuff on my blog

And sometimes I feel way too overexposed.
I feel that way now!
I’ll be back soon.
Take care,

If you are also trying to find your courage, go read this post by Tara!
That girl amazes me.

quick update

It was too hot in Texas, so I made a last minute trip to Northern Michigan.
It is beautiful here.
I’ll write more soon!
Take care,


I’ve done A to B, now just have to get to C!

While Googling for info on driving The Dempster Highway, I wasn’t too happy to read this one. I know it is rough, but he is just trying to be melodramatic, isn’t he?
Daring to drive the Dempster

Alaska Highway Stop Sign

Women on the Road

I’ve been secretly watching her outside my window for a few minutes. She is taking photos of her RV and of the campsite.
With short spiky grey hair, and brightly colored designer eyeglasses, she looks more like a woman you’d find wandering around an urban art gallery than in a gravelly RV park.
I haven’t seen any [...]