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Remembering Things

Walking through the ruins of the ancient Pueblo people’s homes in Bandelier National Monument, I was thinking of Dan’s  comment about our attachment to items that function as placeholders for our important memories.
When I felt the urge to give away my things, it was only with regard to meaningless items that felt like [...]

It’s Getting Simpler

I’m loving simplifying and continue to do so. The longer I live in my Mini, the more I let go of. I used to have two closets full of really expensive clothes, and now I wear the same few outfits over and over again.
I’ve learned to shop for food more simply (and frequently), buying fewer [...]

Credit Card Debt/Finances Update – paid off another card!

After starting with over $51,000 in credit card debt on three cards, I am now down to $32,000 on one card!
Credit Card Debt:
American Express: $31,997
My interest expense on that card is about $250 a month, so maybe my interest rate is higher than I thought? I thought it was prime plus 3%.
I have been [...]

Nomadic Simplicity, deconstructed

What do I love about it?

material simplicity – the psychological freedom this provides cannot be exaggerated
breaking out of the consumer culture
escaping the suburbia trap
a sense of endless adventure and frequent immersion in beautiful natural spaces
flexibility to visit loved ones
always having my private space with me

What do I not like about it?

lack of community, or the [...]

The Trailer

As I started to get well last year, the first realization that something had fundamentally changed in my life was clear as I spent the summer rehabbing a run down mobile home that my family used when I was a child.
(That healing experience was also the first post that prompted me to start this blog.)
My [...]

Things I’ve learned so far

I’m at Rocky Mountain National Park. It is paradise.
After six weeks in the motorhome, I’m finally able to slow down and revel in the enjoyment of this experience, rather than frantically plan for it.
It has been a challenge, of course, but a few (unexpected) things that this experience is already teaching me:
That it is important [...]


I feel like I can finally breathe. I didn’t even know how tense I was. That I was holding my breath and clenching my jaw.
I am back at Pedernales Falls State Park, after several days parked outside of my house getting rid of things.
I still feel a very real separation anxiety before I let go [...]

Lazy girl’s guide to getting rid of stuff

Open kitchen drawer.
Take picture.
Post on Craigslist.
“Anybody want some Pyrex?”

Kitchen utensils?

Oddly shaped dishes?

Don’t knock. They’re on the front lawn.

It worked really well.
I got rid of a bunch of stuff yesterday.
It feels great!
P.S. Technomadia did a great overview of all of the attendees at the NuRVers Rally,
including links to all of their blogs. You can find [...]

Solo Sisters’ RVs

As I’d mentioned before, we had a parade of homes at the NuRVers rally. I decided to take a video of mine to share with you. (I posted this on the new About My Rig page this week, so some of you have already seen it.)

Can’t hear the video? Click here for the transcript
My sister [...]

My Pre-Departure Still-To-Do List

I leave in less than three weeks.
Despite my Goodwill runs and street side give-aways, I still have a lot of stuff.
I thought I would have a garage sale, but, really, I have already given away most of the good stuff. The process still feels kind of overwhelming, so I’ve decided to take it in steps.
Every [...]

Dreaming of Solo Women

I have been radically rethinking my radical rethinking and my brain is worn out. I am learning so much from you as I plan and process. It is impossible for me to imagine what this ’solitary’ journey would look like without you.
One thing I’ve realized is that I’ve woven in a lot of different things [...]

Blogus Interruptus

I need to take a short break from this blog. I am sick of myself and my writing is starting to feel like narcissistic navel gazing.
All of my plans are still on. But, of course, I need to be more flexible and patient with regard to this journey.  (Two things that seem to be a [...]

A critical factor

I’m calling two banks today to apply for financing for my RV purchase.
I’m calling a tiny bank I’ve used for years in Northern Michigan and a tiny bank we used to buy my husband’s house on the Gulf Coast.
I’m not sure how the financing is going to look for me. My credit scores for the [...]

Make the bad man stop

I’m up late and up early to prepare for the photography session for my house.
Ann, my agent, is here before the photographer ‘just to see how things look.’ Her quick preview evolves into her sweeping the entire street in front of my house and hauling off bags of leaves. (Not my yard – the street. [...]

Listing Price

I bought my house for $262,00 in June of 2007. (There were multiple bids on the house, so I overbid the asking price of $259,000.)
The original structure was a 630 sq ft one bedroom/one bath home built in 1943.
When I bought my house, someone had already added about 250 sq ft in a big room [...]