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Jacked Up

I went through my second test run on changing my own tire, using only those items I’d have with me on the side of the road. It took me a long time, but I did it!
I think it was almost as difficult for others to watch me, as it took me forever. Passerbys, seeing me [...]

Solo Sisters’ RVs

As I’d mentioned before, we had a parade of homes at the NuRVers rally. I decided to take a video of mine to share with you. (I posted this on the new About My Rig page this week, so some of you have already seen it.)

Can’t hear the video? Click here for the transcript
My sister [...]

Auto Mechanics

“Okay, we have a truck in that needs both front rotors replaced. Who wants to do it?” Most of the boys are more interested in muscle cars than maintenance, so avoid our instructor’s glance.
“I will,” I chime in. Needing to become more skilled in basic car repair, I often opt for the routine jobs.
I pull [...]

Living in my car, uncut

Less exciting than it sounds. I am too overwhelmed to write a blog post! In lieu of that, here are some snapshots and unedited videos of my first week in the RV.

First night in RV Park transcript

With Joey transcript
I am alternatively thrilled and terrified, still. I love it so much, but have moments of really [...]

Living in my RV!

I am so excited about my RV that I moved into her almost immediately.
I’ve spent the first two nights drycamping at the Texas Gulf Coast. This whole experience is overwhelming and amazing and terrifying. Half the time I am excited out of my mind and the other half I am so scared about what I’ve [...]

Let me know if you need one

Mistakenly believing that we were in for another classroom session, I show up for auto mechanics in my favorite heeled boots, a light pink turtleneck, and big curly hair.
“Okay, we are going to the shop to do oil changes today.”

Scrambling to find a hair band in my purse, the next thing I know I’m flat [...]

Auto Mechanics, day one

“Do you know where the Automotive Tech course is meeting?”
I’ve walked down an alleyway and am standing in front of a man working in a garage. Nothing around here looks like a classroom.
“Which class are you looking for?” turning toward me as he wipes his hands on a rag.
“Automotive Tech.” I start to blush as [...]

Auto mechanics classes start today!

This afternoon I have my first auto mechanics class.  I am really nervous, but really excited!
This is a real technical program to become a professional auto mechanic. Who do you think will be in my class?  It is limited to twelve students. I hope to God that I am not the only woman.
I take one [...]

I drove it

I finally drove the Winnebago Journey! Much easier to drive than I thought, but big, lumbering, and even needed a jump to get started.
I also drove a Fleetwood Pulse. (A diesel class C on the Sprinter chassis). That was one hot little thing, but too pricey for me.
I am going to take your advice, once [...]

Registering for Auto Mechanics!

I’ve met with an advisor and have my courses selected for my Auto Technician certificate! For the spring semester, I will be taking:

Introduction to Automotive Technology
Automotive Electrical Systems
Automotive Suspension and Steering
Automotive Engine Repair