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What it felt like to go from an RV to a House

In June of 2010, I wrote about my thoughts on the transition from a traditional home to an RV, but I didn’t get to share my experience of transitioning from an RV back into a traditional house.
I lived in my RV until I went to Africa for fertility treatment. (I plan to write about my solo [...]

Fire Shooting Out of Outlets = I don’t need that coffee.

Yesterday I was just sitting around, heard a light pop, then smelled slight burning. I went to my galley and noticed one of my bulbs was out, so assumed that was what I heard and smelled.
This morning, my coffee finishes brewing and I hear a loud pop, rush over to my galley, see smoke coming [...]

My Homemade Schematic

I was trying to get my head around my electrical system (since I have three outlets that aren’t working). In the process, I made this homemade schematic of my Mini.
I think I’m starting to figure some of this out!

I am going to expand it and add things as I understand them. I had to study [...]

A Review of My RV

I think most of you know that I love my Mini, but since some of you are still in the shopping stage, I wanted to give you a hindsight review of my RV choice.
What I love:

It it really easy to drive. I am in love with the Sprinter!
Averaging 15mpg. (Some say they do better, but [...]

Adding a Screen Room to My RV

Here is my Christmas present from my husband! I was able to set up and dismantle the whole thing by myself. (I was worried, because the instructions say you need two people.)
The screen room was $139 and the rug was $59,  much cheaper than the permanent screen rooms that attach to your awning.



Happy Holidays! I [...]

RV Remodel

Okay, I finally took a video of my not-yet-finished updates!
I still want to add carpet, as well as re-think the electrical storage box behind my chair.

Can’t hear the video? Click here for the transcript
I also updated my About Me page. (It’s now a shorter version of the whole blog.)


Going West

I think I have a year’s worth of travel booked with all of your recommendations on my last post! (If you haven’t read the suggestions on where I should go, I recommend you take a look.)
For now, I’ve decided to head west, to New Mexico.
I’ve stopped in Austin for some basic appointments (psychiatrist, psychologist, and [...]

I’m still stuck in the mud

When I sunk into the mud and started spinning my wheels in David’s back yard, I was grateful to the nice neighbor-man who was able to pull me back onto the grass.  He couldn’t pull me any farther, and I (quite mistakenly) believed that when the ground dried out, I’d be able to drive off, [...]

This post is an overview of the maintenance issues I’ve had since I started my trip. It is probably only of interest to those of you who are worried/curious about this aspect of RVing (or just are really into RVs)!
Walking out of a fast food restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska:
What is that pool of fluid under [...]

Engine Oil

Driving to Whitehorse, I am all alone in the middle of the Yukon when, to my horror, the engine oil pressure warning indicator on my dash lights up.
Now, I have only ever bought and driven cheap, base model economy cars, so I am not used to a lot of fancy lights, warnings, and gentle reminders.
So [...]

I can’t stop

I’m averaging about 15mpg, but it seems to be improving. I’ve heard these Mercedes Benz diesel engines get better after about 20K miles.  (I bought it with 8,700 and have about 13,800 now.)

A quick post…

Glacier National Park was extraordinary. I had a five day stay, but could spend weeks there.
I’m in a rush because I’ve driven over to Spokane, Washington this evening. Tomorrow morning I fly to Scotsdale, Arizona to meet up with my husband for a planned three week point and pre-USA departure visit. (We’re meeting in [...]

Leaky Roof

I was pretty convinced that my moldy books had gotten wet when I’d opened the windows during a rainstorm. (A bad habit, but something I very often would do.)
I checked the roof seams afterwards, but thought they looked good.
Well, last night it rained hard. And at 2:45 am, prompted by some half-dreamy thought, Oh, I [...]

Late Start on Friday

What I woke up to:

And a distressing discovery:

I couldn’t find any wet or soft spots where the books were stored. My hope was that it was rain from an open window, but I’ll be on the search during the next rain storm. These Minis are known to have some leaks at the seams in that [...]

Three posts in as many hours….

…but I have one more thing I have to tell you!
I use a lot of windshield wiper fluid, as in every single time something hits my windshield. I was told by someone that I have to bring along extra jugs of wiper fluid as I travel along the Alaska Canadian Highway, because the bugs are [...]