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Dirty Laundry

I left Denton yesterday morning. I always have a lot of separation anxiety when I leave a place. Once I am on the road for about ten minutes, I’m fine. Thrilled, actually. Yesterday’s drive was extraordinary. But there is some weird psychology with making the first move out of town. I feel overwhelmed, insecure, and [...]

It’s the thought that counts

I had a wonderful visit in Denton. Friends and family drove up from different parts of Dallas/Fort Worth for an unexpected send off dinner party.
I have shared so much of this process with you, that I hardly had a sense they were aware of it. Almost everyone was enthusiastic and excited for me.
But, with my [...]


Many people who care a lot about me have expressed sincere concern that I will fall prey to some criminal injury as I make this trip across the continent.
I received this email TWICE yesterday from concerned family members. I am sure many of you have received this and also know that is an urban legend [...]

Favorite Places

I didn’t realize that I had stopped going to my favorite restaurant (of fifteen years) until about a week ago. I was out running errands when, just as strangely as the habit of going there unconsciously disappeared from my mind, it mysteriously reemerged.
I drove to Thai Noodle House, near the University of Texas campus, and [...]

Two weeks in the RV

Two weeks in and it is already a journey!
Strangely, this experience reminds me of when I first enrolled in graduate school – feeling the fulfillment of a long time dream, but also feeling the terror and exhaustion that comes with change and immersion learning.
It is not a terror that makes me wish I could return [...]


I am kind of freaking out about how much information I post on this blog, but I can’t really come up with a logical reason for why I should be.
At this point, it is not so much that I am afraid people are going to find out these things about me (okay, maybe there are [...]

Fickle Girls

It’s Friday night and I am engaged in my usual pastime -  alone, online, and looking for my dream motorhome.
Getting close to 90 days out from moving into my RV, I am starting to feel the pressure. Nervousness about my house sale has me scaling back my budget.
To my surprise, I find a new listing [...]

Should I share my blog with my family?

I haven’t left the Family Shelter yet. I’ve enjoyed my visit here so much that I don’t want to leave. I don’t know if I am getting better at hanging out with people or if there is something about this junky little house that makes everyone more comfortable.
I talked pretty openly about my trip to [...]

Thanksgiving with the Fam

“Did you know that Jennifer is driving to the North Pole?”
A look combining fear and sadness contorts my father’s face, “Oh no…”  trailing off, he looks as if he’s just been told I was diagnosed with a terrible illness.
“I’m not driving to the North Pole, Mom, I’m driving to the Arctic Circle.”
“I don’t think you [...]

Unnamed person is not happy about this blog

I am starting to get self conscious that so many people in my life are certain that the things I am doing are going to get me mutilated and murdered.
A person who loves me (and who shall remain unnamed) is worried about my blogging. She thinks I am putting myself in real danger by posting [...]

That didn’t go so well.

I have received so much generous encouragement for my planned adventure that I think my Internet reality has skewed my immediate reality.
Having dinner at a recent family get together.
Unnamed family member,”So, Jennifer, what have you been  up to?”
Me, “Well, not much,” pausing, I tentatively offer,  “I think I might sell my house.”
Unnamed family member, “Really? [...]

She read it.

I am in the middle of cleaning out my garage and getting rid of more stuff! Yeah!
I will just copy and paste Joey’s response to my blog. The p.s.  line made me laugh.

Love love love your blog… your style and humor of communicating.
I was laughing nervously when talking about me.. .. Lol.. [...]

One point for the bookworm

My trip to the Arctic Ocean has this strangely dual quality of being almost completely private  (friends and most of my family unaware) and completely public (openly shared on this semi-anonymous blog).
I think starting this blog is a way to create a protected space where I hope people will be supportive of me and this [...]

How do you tell family they can’t come with you?

I’ve been working hard to plan my move to an RV and my inaugural drive to the Arctic. As evidenced by previous posts, I’ve spent almost TOO much time planning for a seemingly infinite variety of possibilities.
So, after all of my hard work, research, extensive planning, etc., my late-to-the-game sister is getting excited, saying, “Send [...]

You are going to be murdered!

When I tell people (quite tentatively, I’ll admit) that I’m selling my house and moving into an RV, I get a few different reactions. Most women are of the, “You go girl!” variety, but many of my Texas women friends (of the big hair, big SUV, and really big purse variety) look at me with [...]