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How to Not Own Anything?

This seems to be part of what I am struggling with right now. What do I NEED to have?
I can’t stop analyzing my RV, van, and trailer options. I am even researching tiny houses, earth bag houses, yurts, etc.
But do you think I need any of these things? I’m starting to feel confused about that.
Right [...]

What it felt like to go from an RV to a House

In June of 2010, I wrote about my thoughts on the transition from a traditional home to an RV, but I didn’t get to share my experience of transitioning from an RV back into a traditional house.
I lived in my RV until I went to Africa for fertility treatment. (I plan to write about my solo [...]

Don’t Help Me!

“Jennifer, I am worried about you. Your brother told me he thinks you are exhausted and overwhelmed.” My mother’s concern feels like nails on a chalkboard to me.
“Mom, I am fine. I am resting right now! I have a lot going on, but I love everything I am doing!”
“You sound like you are sick.”
“Yes, I [...]

Now that we’re alone….

Thanks to all of you who are still checking in on me. I appreciate the notes and comments throughout my blog!
I’m not sure why I’ve taken a break. Some of you who’ve been reading for a while have pointed out to me that it is something I’ve done at least a couple of times.
It feels [...]

And Now For Something Completely Different

I know this blog is probably considered an RV blog, since that is mostly what I have been focused on over the last year or more. But, for me, it has really been a blog about my psychological and spiritual healing resulting from my three years of intensive psychoanalysis.
That journey (which started about two years [...]

Tithing 10%

I was halfway to Quartzsite, had a meltdown and ran home to my husband. I am having a harder time being away from him right now.
I’ve decided/felt/realized that I need to start giving away 10% of my gross income each month, so will also include that in my budget this year. (Dave Ramsey says he [...]

Writing about Writing

I still feel like I’ve gone into a bit of a hibernation/quiet mode.  My travel experiences have been wonderful and I want to share them with you! I just feel at a loss for words when I sit down and try to tell you about them.
Sometimes it feels like so much is changing with me [...]

Remembering Things

Walking through the ruins of the ancient Pueblo people’s homes in Bandelier National Monument, I was thinking of Dan’s  comment about our attachment to items that function as placeholders for our important memories.
When I felt the urge to give away my things, it was only with regard to meaningless items that felt like [...]

It’s Getting Simpler

I’m loving simplifying and continue to do so. The longer I live in my Mini, the more I let go of. I used to have two closets full of really expensive clothes, and now I wear the same few outfits over and over again.
I’ve learned to shop for food more simply (and frequently), buying fewer [...]

What I’ve learned so far (revised and expanded!)

This is the post I’d written for Monday, but I had an unexpected this-feels-too-personal reaction and didn’t want to publish it. Maybe it is because it came from a journal entry, since it isn’t that much more personal than stuff I’ve written before. I don’t know. It just feels really personal! (And is kind of [...]

Nomadic Simplicity, deconstructed

What do I love about it?

material simplicity – the psychological freedom this provides cannot be exaggerated
breaking out of the consumer culture
escaping the suburbia trap
a sense of endless adventure and frequent immersion in beautiful natural spaces
flexibility to visit loved ones
always having my private space with me

What do I not like about it?

lack of community, or the [...]

The Voices in My Head

I’m bored.
As I’ve made my way back to the Texas Gulf Coast, I’ve had this nagging feeling of… So now what?
And another nagging feeling of…I really missed David. I don’t want to feel that emptiness for a while.
And another…  So this is it? An indulgent, pleasure seeking life that is all-about-me?
I wish I could drive [...]


“Did the entire building just shake back and forth?”
The woman on the other end of the phone line speaks to me with emphatic calmness, “Yes, we just had a little earthquake, but everything is fine.”
Alaska keeps your ego in check.  Up here, you never forget that Mother Nature has the upper hand.
Still, I’ve had a [...]

The Arctic Ocean! I made it!

I made it to the Arctic Ocean!
Since there is no road access to the ocean in the summer, I had to fly the last 60 miles to Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, a tiny Inuvialuit community right on the ocean.
Rain delayed my flight, so I camped in the parking lot of the tour operator that was booking [...]

Mile Zero of the The Dempster Highway

“Did you just come off the Dempster?”
“Yes!” the man washing his mud caked RV angrily barks back at me.
More tentatively, “uh, how was it?”
“Dreadful! Awful! It rained all the way up and all the way back! We almost went right off the road! It was awful!”
I didn’t know a road could make a person so [...]