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Should I share my blog with my family?

I haven’t left the Family Shelter yet. I’ve enjoyed my visit here so much that I don’t want to leave. I don’t know if I am getting better at hanging out with people or if there is something about this junky little house that makes everyone more comfortable.
I talked pretty openly about my trip to [...]

How do you shut your brain off without a bottle of wine?

I haven’t figured that out yet. I am completely worn out. (I am still sober.)
I recognize that there are no perfect solutions, but my brain sometimes won’t stop as I continually go in search of one.
As has been so kindly suggested, I need to stop writing about RV shopping and selection for a few days [...]

Psychoanalysis and blogging

Maybe there is a natural tendency to draw parallels between the disparate things we do in our lives, but, seriously, this blogging thing is so much like psychoanalysis.
I know there is something weirdly circular about talking about my blog in psychoanalysis and then writing about my psychoanalysis on my blog, but, well, it’s my blog, [...]

Living in My Car Crash

I have become too obsessed with you.
As it typical for me, I don’t do anything in moderation and then completely wear myself out.  It is something I am still learning.
It means so much to me that people are reading my blog.  I have blogged twice before when I traveled and assumed that this blog would [...]

Unnamed person is not happy about this blog

I am starting to get self conscious that so many people in my life are certain that the things I am doing are going to get me mutilated and murdered.
A person who loves me (and who shall remain unnamed) is worried about my blogging. She thinks I am putting myself in real danger by posting [...]


“F**k you, Asshole!”
I stood in the parking lot humiliated, wearing little more than my red stilettos as the 6′6″ man flew toward me. His clenched fists flying first.
A protective move placed the diminutive frame of a quick thinking valet driver between me and the assault. My protector crashed into me as he took the punch, [...]

I’m really honest because I’m really lazy

I am posting all kinds of really personal information on this blog.
I guess this site is sort of anonymous, but my pictures are all over it.
My husband keeps saying, “Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want to see on the cover of the New York Times.”
(Not to suggest that the New York Times would ever care [...]

I am so damn curious about you

One of my “issues” is that when I meet people, I am completely fascinated.
I can be obsessively curious and want to know every detail about their life, thoughts, plans, opinions, etc.
In my view, it is like reading a book. I always get some new twist, quirk, or perspective that knocks around what I think, feel, [...]

Sometimes this blogging completely freaks me out

I get panic attacks about this blog.
It usually happens right before I go to bed. I just start freaking out and getting really afraid.
But I really have no idea what it is that I am afraid of.
People typically describe me as extremely private. But it’s not because I am ashamed of anything, I am just [...]

Return of the Wimp

I like to act tough. I like to seem strong. I like for people to think that I can kick ass.
After I do that, I usually run in my room and hide for a few days.
That is what I did today.
Working on my house kicked my ass.

Telling you horrible things is amazingly cathartic

(This is part three in an unexpected series of totally inappropriate disclosures.)
I’m supposed to be writing about selling my house and shopping for an RV in anticipation of my drive to the Arctic Ocean. Instead, I have started spontaneously telling you all of these terrible things about myself.
Now, I promise to get back to RV [...]

She read it.

I am in the middle of cleaning out my garage and getting rid of more stuff! Yeah!
I will just copy and paste Joey’s response to my blog. The p.s.  line made me laugh.

Love love love your blog… your style and humor of communicating.
I was laughing nervously when talking about me.. .. Lol.. [...]

My sister wants to read my blog

I let it slip.
Joey knows I am (still) blogging.
She wants to read what I’ve written.
My response, “Well, I’ve kept it kind of private. I’ve written pretty candidly about myself, our relationship… mom.”
Joey, “You’ve written about me!”
Me, “Well…. I wrote about my struggling with feeling like you were kind of appropriating my trip.”
Joey, “I want to [...]

I am completely terrified of people

A while back I read a post about RVing and introversion by Cherie on  Her post was very comforting to me and has become one of the 100 random thoughts circling repetitively through my head.
Her take is basically what I am hoping will be the case for me – the fact that she can [...]

A 2X4 to the head would be nice.

The more I learn about RVs, the more frustrated I get with figuring out what I should purchase. My kind advisors fall into a few camps. Advice varies from:

Don’t overthink this – just buy an affordable, used class A motorhome for your first year ($35Kish). After that, you can trade in knowing exactly what you [...]