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Will You Explain Twitter and Facebook to Me?

I feel like the world has left me behind.
I have no idea how or why I would use each of these things, but I am starting to realize that a lot of people I am interested in only have content accessible through Facebook and Twitter.
Can someone explain to me why I would join either of [...]

Now that we’re alone….

Thanks to all of you who are still checking in on me. I appreciate the notes and comments throughout my blog!
I’m not sure why I’ve taken a break. Some of you who’ve been reading for a while have pointed out to me that it is something I’ve done at least a couple of times.
It feels [...]

And Now For Something Completely Different

I know this blog is probably considered an RV blog, since that is mostly what I have been focused on over the last year or more. But, for me, it has really been a blog about my psychological and spiritual healing resulting from my three years of intensive psychoanalysis.
That journey (which started about two years [...]

Writing about Writing

I still feel like I’ve gone into a bit of a hibernation/quiet mode.  My travel experiences have been wonderful and I want to share them with you! I just feel at a loss for words when I sit down and try to tell you about them.
Sometimes it feels like so much is changing with me [...]

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please Stand By.

I know that the site keeps crashing and that you can’t leave comments.
I don’t know why.
I found a Wordpress expert, though! She is going to save me.

What I’ve learned so far (revised and expanded!)

This is the post I’d written for Monday, but I had an unexpected this-feels-too-personal reaction and didn’t want to publish it. Maybe it is because it came from a journal entry, since it isn’t that much more personal than stuff I’ve written before. I don’t know. It just feels really personal! (And is kind of [...]

The Arctic Ocean! I made it!

I made it to the Arctic Ocean!
Since there is no road access to the ocean in the summer, I had to fly the last 60 miles to Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, a tiny Inuvialuit community right on the ocean.
Rain delayed my flight, so I camped in the parking lot of the tour operator that was booking [...]


Since I saw (presumably new) people were clicking on the useless categories that I carelessly slapped on random posts, I decided to delete and redo them.
I tried to be most careful about things like “buying an RV” and “simplifying”, since I think those are the things people who are researching are most interested in.
I’m also [...]

Lost in the Rockies

“You can’t go up there. There’s snow,” a neighboring camper advises me.
“What do you mean? The roads are bad?”
“Oh no, the roads are fine. There is snow on the trail.”
Confused by what is so perilous about snow on the trail, I decide to stop by the visitor center and ask a park ranger.
“Oh, you’ll probably [...]

Park Yes, Internet No

Hello to everyone. I just spoke to Jennifer (also known as my wife) and after a long, sleepless night at Wal-Mart she made it to Rocky Mountain National Park and finds it beautiful, but also finds that her Internet connection is not working. She’s anxious to update, so if anybody has information on wireless in [...]

Taking a break, for now

I’m happy, I’m healthy, but I can’t write about myself anymore.
I will still post irregularly if something significant/relevant happens (and certainly when I start traveling), but this current micro-self-analysis isn’t working for me right now.
I am actually in the process of winding down my psychoanalysis as well. I think this blog, in many ways, has [...]

Blogus Interruptus

I need to take a short break from this blog. I am sick of myself and my writing is starting to feel like narcissistic navel gazing.
All of my plans are still on. But, of course, I need to be more flexible and patient with regard to this journey.  (Two things that seem to be a [...]


I am kind of freaking out about how much information I post on this blog, but I can’t really come up with a logical reason for why I should be.
At this point, it is not so much that I am afraid people are going to find out these things about me (okay, maybe there are [...]

If only I could write my posts ahead of time…

As I’ve mentioned before, I am on meds. They are a miracle!
The type of medication I take is not really an anti-depressant, but is classified as a mood stabilizer. That means it is supposed to lessen the punch of your ups and downs, but it does not completely eradicate them. (It’s kind of like being [...]

Blog therapy

If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll remember that I used to have panic attacks about this blog. (I mean, really serious anxiety attacks where I almost deleted the whole thing in the middle of the night because I was freaking out.)
I was thinking about this because yesterday Joey (the only person who reads [...]