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I’m scared

My auto mechanics courses start this month!
First day of school is January 19th. I will attend classes Monday through Thursday from 1:45 to 4:15pm until May 16th.
I’m scared because I received my school supplies list. I don’t know what any of this is. Oh, except the flashlight and safety goggles. I know what those are.
How [...]

I’m going driving today

I’ve had to think too much, so now my brain is too tired to write a nice long post.
I am headed to Roman Holiday Motorhomes to test drive the big rig and a Sprinter class C.  I am also going to sit in them for a very long time.
I’ve got all of my adopted family’s [...]

The First Day of School

Nice to meet you

Anthony Hopkins was at the top of the stairs, staring down at me.
Afraid and confused, I glance to the bulletin boards of Swift Hall, home of the graduate program in religious studies at the University of Chicago.
No longer were there posters for upcoming academic conferences or religious studies news, but strange mathematical [...]


“F**k you, Asshole!”
I stood in the parking lot humiliated, wearing little more than my red stilettos as the 6′6″ man flew toward me. His clenched fists flying first.
A protective move placed the diminutive frame of a quick thinking valet driver between me and the assault. My protector crashed into me as he took the punch, [...]

Sometimes this blogging completely freaks me out

I get panic attacks about this blog.
It usually happens right before I go to bed. I just start freaking out and getting really afraid.
But I really have no idea what it is that I am afraid of.
People typically describe me as extremely private. But it’s not because I am ashamed of anything, I am just [...]

In the rain at PPL

I wimped out.
It was raining. Traffic was backed up on the surrounding freeways. I drank too much wine last night.
In a post luncheon suit and heels, I felt like an idiot asking about diesel pushers. (I swear to God, two guys were looking at me and laughing.)
Even though I didn’t test drive anything, I did [...]

I am completely terrified of people

A while back I read a post about RVing and introversion by Cherie on  Her post was very comforting to me and has become one of the 100 random thoughts circling repetitively through my head.
Her take is basically what I am hoping will be the case for me – the fact that she can [...]

You are going to be murdered!

When I tell people (quite tentatively, I’ll admit) that I’m selling my house and moving into an RV, I get a few different reactions. Most women are of the, “You go girl!” variety, but many of my Texas women friends (of the big hair, big SUV, and really big purse variety) look at me with [...]

I’m on a boat!

With the exception of my brief love affair with the van-plan, I’ve been set on the class C style motorhome. I’d heard that class As were better for fulltiming, but have insisted that I prefer the smaller version.
After reflecting on it, I realized (with dread) that I didn’t exactly favor driving the class C, but [...]

Psychotic Grandma takes me hiking

Realizing I have crammed too much into two days, I have a hurried drive to Zion National Park, a quick camp set up (I feel like a pro at this point), and an early morning jump on the trail shuttle with very little preparation.  Sore from my previous day’s hike, and desperate to see a [...]

Bizarre Hoodoos and oh-my-god-I’m-camping

As previously noted, I wasn’t feeling very confident with regard to camping.  I couldn’t believe that I ever thought this was a good idea.
I arrive at the campground and no one is there. I have no idea what to do. I drive in circles until, finally, I find a camper with a sign that says, [...]

Google Map vs. Road Atlas

Because I can’t access Google Maps while I am driving, I tend to rely on my old fashioned Road Atlas for planning my trips.  I noticed that parts of my Utah route had blurred roads, but didn’t pay attention or worry about them until I decided to look them up more closely on Google.
Here is [...]