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What frightens me the most

Having been a solo woman traveler already, I realize that my fears for this second attempt are actually quite different that the first time around.
The first time I was getting on the road, I feared for my safety.
But… I learned that people in the world are predominantly friendly, safe, and helpful. I realized I had [...]

Fire Shooting Out of Outlets = I don’t need that coffee.

Yesterday I was just sitting around, heard a light pop, then smelled slight burning. I went to my galley and noticed one of my bulbs was out, so assumed that was what I heard and smelled.
This morning, my coffee finishes brewing and I hear a loud pop, rush over to my galley, see smoke coming [...]


I’m breaking my promise not to publish another “All by Myself” meltdown. But, sticking to the themes of It’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to, as well as my desire to create a faithful record of the journey I am actually taking (and not a fictionalized one that makes me sound stronger [...]

Lost in the Rockies

“You can’t go up there. There’s snow,” a neighboring camper advises me.
“What do you mean? The roads are bad?”
“Oh no, the roads are fine. There is snow on the trail.”
Confused by what is so perilous about snow on the trail, I decide to stop by the visitor center and ask a park ranger.
“Oh, you’ll probably [...]

Dirty Laundry

I left Denton yesterday morning. I always have a lot of separation anxiety when I leave a place. Once I am on the road for about ten minutes, I’m fine. Thrilled, actually. Yesterday’s drive was extraordinary. But there is some weird psychology with making the first move out of town. I feel overwhelmed, insecure, and [...]

Late Start on Friday

What I woke up to:

And a distressing discovery:

I couldn’t find any wet or soft spots where the books were stored. My hope was that it was rain from an open window, but I’ll be on the search during the next rain storm. These Minis are known to have some leaks at the seams in that [...]

Day one

Today I hit the road!
A 400 mile drive today, but a familiar one.
I’ll take a few days of rest for visiting with friends and family, then make a more leisurely drive toward Rocky Mountain National Park.
I can’t believe it! I am both sick with fear and absolutely thrilled!

Am I really doing this?

Thank you for all the well wishes and words of advice! I did go ahead and order a satellite phone, which should arrive this afternoon. I also have the Verizon wifi with the booster, so hopefully that will keep me in touch with you guys along the way.
Much of my itinerary is tentative, as I [...]

I leave for the Arctic on Friday!

After all of these months of planning, I can hardly believe the time is here.
With the exception of not being able to find my hiking boots, I think I actually may be ready.
If you’ve been holding back on any parting words of wisdom or pre-departure checklist items, now would be the time!


Solo RVing

I pull in to the state park, overtired and lonely, more interested in getting some cheap hook ups and a private parking spot than viewing the nearby series of waterfalls.
It is an unusually cold and wet day and the park is empty. As I pull up to my site, the damp fire pit, empty picnic [...]

Living in my car, uncut

Less exciting than it sounds. I am too overwhelmed to write a blog post! In lieu of that, here are some snapshots and unedited videos of my first week in the RV.

First night in RV Park transcript

With Joey transcript
I am alternatively thrilled and terrified, still. I love it so much, but have moments of really [...]


I am kind of freaking out about how much information I post on this blog, but I can’t really come up with a logical reason for why I should be.
At this point, it is not so much that I am afraid people are going to find out these things about me (okay, maybe there are [...]

Auto Mechanics, day one

“Do you know where the Automotive Tech course is meeting?”
I’ve walked down an alleyway and am standing in front of a man working in a garage. Nothing around here looks like a classroom.
“Which class are you looking for?” turning toward me as he wipes his hands on a rag.
“Automotive Tech.” I start to blush as [...]

Auto mechanics classes start today!

This afternoon I have my first auto mechanics class.  I am really nervous, but really excited!
This is a real technical program to become a professional auto mechanic. Who do you think will be in my class?  It is limited to twelve students. I hope to God that I am not the only woman.
I take one [...]

I did it

I shared in the meeting last night. I had all these nice things that I was going to say. Instead I said a bunch of stuff that I didn’t expect. Actually, I said a bunch of stuff I didn’t even know I was thinking and/or feeling.
I called a lady in AA and talked to her [...]