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How to Not Own Anything?

This seems to be part of what I am struggling with right now. What do I NEED to have?
I can’t stop analyzing my RV, van, and trailer options. I am even researching tiny houses, earth bag houses, yurts, etc.
But do you think I need any of these things? I’m starting to feel confused about that.
Right [...]

I stopped shampooing my hair.

Okay, so I know a lot of you are already doing this, but I have to admit that it never appealed to me. I liked my sudsy, scented shampoos and conditioners. I thought people who used other stuff must have hair that is kind of stinky.
But, I am continuing to try to cut expenses, so [...]

Your Opinion on my Budget and Van Options?

I have a few different options I am considering. If you don’t mind helping me think this through, I’d love your feedback.

Here is my current monthly budget:

Rent: $450
Food: $250
Car: $360
Gas : $100
Auto ins: $80
Life ins: $30
Phone: $100
Medical: $105
Web sites: $40
Child care: $250

Total: est. $1,800

Camry: Just under $12K at 6%
*note: I am not including [...]

Living out of My Car – Step One

I think part of the appeal of getting back on the road is the desire to maintain the extreme simplicity of not owning a lot of STUFF.
So, that is where I am going to start with my new vandwelling plan.
Goal #1: Radically simplify so that everything Silas and I need can fit in my Toyota [...]

Mom and Baby in a Van?

As I posted previously, I am lucky to get 99.9% of my baby stuff completely free. In fact, I have to sort of bar the door and let people know, “Thank you, so much, but we really have been given enough already!”
We live together in one bedroom, so everything we have has to fit in [...]

Living on $21K a year

I thought I was living simply before, but I am living far more simply now! Here is my updated budget as a single momma:

Rent: $450 (all bills paid; I rent a bedroom in a big house with another family – a great deal!)
Car payment: $360 (I have a 2011 Toyota Camry)
Groceries: $250
Child care: $250 ($50 [...]

Tithing 10%

I was halfway to Quartzsite, had a meltdown and ran home to my husband. I am having a harder time being away from him right now.
I’ve decided/felt/realized that I need to start giving away 10% of my gross income each month, so will also include that in my budget this year. (Dave Ramsey says he [...]

Out of Credit Card Debt in 2011!

My biggest goal for 2011 is to be completely out of credit card debt. I have one card left:
American Express: -$29,158.08
I cut some big expenses over the last two years, but didn’t ever do a hard budget. I’ve just used my debit card for everything and whatever was left at the end of the month [...]

A Review of My RV

I think most of you know that I love my Mini, but since some of you are still in the shopping stage, I wanted to give you a hindsight review of my RV choice.
What I love:

It it really easy to drive. I am in love with the Sprinter!
Averaging 15mpg. (Some say they do better, but [...]

November Travel Expenses and Credit Card Debt Update

I’d rather not post this because I’m gagging on the numbers. That said, this exercise is not one in which I am intending to show you how ‘frugal’ I am, but more along the lines of when I posted “I can’t believe I am a drunk.”
Moving out of my house and into my RV did [...]

October Travel Expenses

I’ve been really sick.  (Warning to solo travelers – always have any and all medicines you think you might need in your RV!) So, I’ve been laying in bed trying to figure out what I’m spending each month.
Here are some very rough numbers from last month in case you are interested.

RV Insurance: $98
Diesel Fuel: $334
RV [...]

Credit Card Debt/Finances Update – paid off another card!

After starting with over $51,000 in credit card debt on three cards, I am now down to $32,000 on one card!
Credit Card Debt:
American Express: $31,997
My interest expense on that card is about $250 a month, so maybe my interest rate is higher than I thought? I thought it was prime plus 3%.
I have been [...]

credit card debt update

Before I started blogging, I had about $51,000 in credit card debt that broke down, roughly, as:

American Express: $32,000
Bank of America: $14,000
Bank of America: $5,000

By October of 2009, I had decreased my debt to almost $45,000 that broke down as:

American Express: $31,011
Bank of America: $13,588
Bank of America: $0

When I bought my Mini in March of [...]

I can’t stop

I’m averaging about 15mpg, but it seems to be improving. I’ve heard these Mercedes Benz diesel engines get better after about 20K miles.  (I bought it with 8,700 and have about 13,800 now.)

My New Plan

(Editor’s note: Apologies if you got an email with an old post yesterday. I was trying to take two posts off of private and they re-posted.)
Realizing that in my neighborhood home prices were going down and rent prices were going up, I decided to take my home off the market and list it for rent [...]