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Fire Shooting Out of Outlets = I don’t need that coffee.

Yesterday I was just sitting around, heard a light pop, then smelled slight burning. I went to my galley and noticed one of my bulbs was out, so assumed that was what I heard and smelled.
This morning, my coffee finishes brewing and I hear a loud pop, rush over to my galley, see smoke coming [...]

Screen Room Disaster

It’s Christmas morning, so I am at my husband’s house at the Gulf.  (Because his tiny house is a 700 sq ft wall to wall office, I still live in my Mini when I’m here.)
I’m sitting in my comfy leather chair and drinking coffee when I see my new screenroom go AIRBORNE. Half of the [...]

I’m still stuck in the mud

When I sunk into the mud and started spinning my wheels in David’s back yard, I was grateful to the nice neighbor-man who was able to pull me back onto the grass.  He couldn’t pull me any farther, and I (quite mistakenly) believed that when the ground dried out, I’d be able to drive off, [...]

RV Pantry

When I wasn’t doing very well, I got really, really OCD. I would keep my food, my dishes, and my clothing obsessively organized.

My cabinets and house would get so orderly that it freaked my husband out. He finally angrily protested, “It’s like a f*cking Stephen King novel in here!”
But anyone who has ever lived in [...]

Notes from My Conscious Self

Speaking of where I am, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned one of the unexpected challenges of my solitary, nomadic lifestyle.
Whenever I am in a daily driving mode (which is much of the time), I almost always wake up in the middle of the night in extreme confusion. I am alone, in a completely familiar [...]

This post is an overview of the maintenance issues I’ve had since I started my trip. It is probably only of interest to those of you who are worried/curious about this aspect of RVing (or just are really into RVs)!
Walking out of a fast food restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska:
What is that pool of fluid under [...]

Crazy guys on bikes

“Do you have my chocolate?” the half naked man queries me.
I’ve stopped my Mini on the Dempster Highway, alarmed by the site of this bedraggled bicyclist in the arctic wilderness.
“Your what? Are you okay?”
He slumps down on his bike, “Oh, I thought you were my chocolate. I gave $10 to a passing car, asking them [...]

Engine Oil

Driving to Whitehorse, I am all alone in the middle of the Yukon when, to my horror, the engine oil pressure warning indicator on my dash lights up.
Now, I have only ever bought and driven cheap, base model economy cars, so I am not used to a lot of fancy lights, warnings, and gentle reminders.
So [...]

Will Work for Fuel

I knew that I would have to be flexible while on my drive up the Alaska Highway, but didn’t realize how flexible.
Places that you expect to be open, aren’t. And when you are running out of fuel, that gets stressful.
I spent a few hours this morning hanging out with a group of travelers, who, like [...]

Lost in the Rockies

“You can’t go up there. There’s snow,” a neighboring camper advises me.
“What do you mean? The roads are bad?”
“Oh no, the roads are fine. There is snow on the trail.”
Confused by what is so perilous about snow on the trail, I decide to stop by the visitor center and ask a park ranger.
“Oh, you’ll probably [...]


I had horrific nightmares that some maniacal forklift operator was hysterically circling my motorhome.

Lesson of the Day

Clarke told me that each day I’d learn one new thing.
Today I learned to make sure the mirror is secure before I move the motorhome.

Dirty Laundry

I left Denton yesterday morning. I always have a lot of separation anxiety when I leave a place. Once I am on the road for about ten minutes, I’m fine. Thrilled, actually. Yesterday’s drive was extraordinary. But there is some weird psychology with making the first move out of town. I feel overwhelmed, insecure, and [...]

Living in my car, uncut

Less exciting than it sounds. I am too overwhelmed to write a blog post! In lieu of that, here are some snapshots and unedited videos of my first week in the RV.

First night in RV Park transcript

With Joey transcript
I am alternatively thrilled and terrified, still. I love it so much, but have moments of really [...]

Lice treatment

I didn’t do my homework.
In lieu of that, I’ll turn in an old one.
Drinking and yapping with my sisters about my dad’s version of lice treatment in the 1970s. (Don’t try this at home.)
Joey, as always, is videographer.
It’s Thursday, so my goal is to SHARE in the beginner’s AA meeting tonight for the first time. [...]