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Slowing Down

It started to feel like a journey yesterday. Somewhere in the middle of the Comanche National Grasslands I exhaled (and noticed).
I was anxious to get through Texas. The route from the Gulf to the border is too-familiar and I’m sure most of you would agree that the I-35 corridor is not the right starting point [...]

It’s the thought that counts

I had a wonderful visit in Denton. Friends and family drove up from different parts of Dallas/Fort Worth for an unexpected send off dinner party.
I have shared so much of this process with you, that I hardly had a sense they were aware of it. Almost everyone was enthusiastic and excited for me.
But, with my [...]

6 months of sobriety today

I found out that I got the financing for my RV on my 3 month anniversary, March 23rd.
I am heading out on my journey on my 6 month anniversary, May 23rd.
Neither was intentional, so the accidental symbolism is certainly meaningful to me.


Many people who care a lot about me have expressed sincere concern that I will fall prey to some criminal injury as I make this trip across the continent.
I received this email TWICE yesterday from concerned family members. I am sure many of you have received this and also know that is an urban legend [...]

View from the motorhome

I woke up to intense thunderstorms.
I opened the windows and watched and listened to the rain as my motorhome moved and heaved with each gust of wind.
I drank peppermint tea and wrote in my journal.
Another beautiful morning.

I’m spending a week at the Gulf Coast as I prepare for my trip.


I feel like I can finally breathe. I didn’t even know how tense I was. That I was holding my breath and clenching my jaw.
I am back at Pedernales Falls State Park, after several days parked outside of my house getting rid of things.
I still feel a very real separation anxiety before I let go [...]

Favorite Places

I didn’t realize that I had stopped going to my favorite restaurant (of fifteen years) until about a week ago. I was out running errands when, just as strangely as the habit of going there unconsciously disappeared from my mind, it mysteriously reemerged.
I drove to Thai Noodle House, near the University of Texas campus, and [...]

Solo RVing

I pull in to the state park, overtired and lonely, more interested in getting some cheap hook ups and a private parking spot than viewing the nearby series of waterfalls.
It is an unusually cold and wet day and the park is empty. As I pull up to my site, the damp fire pit, empty picnic [...]

View from the Motorhome, April 17, 2010

An extraordinary morning of heavy rain followed by blue skies and lots of birds, including three redbirds, playing in the trees outside my window.

Me and my AA friends

I am the worst AA student. (But I am a good mechanics student! Okay, back to the topic….) I hear people in the meetings say, “I was lucky to have the gift of desperation.” Well, I guess I am unlucky with that. I am lucky in that I recognize that I cannot drink successfully, but [...]

A few changes

Remember when I told you I was starting to realize that I was lonely? Well, that really took me on a wild head trip. I mean, not only did I have this new realization to contend with, but it scrambled a lot of my thinking with regard to solo travel.
So, I haven’t got it all [...]

Taking a break, for now

I’m happy, I’m healthy, but I can’t write about myself anymore.
I will still post irregularly if something significant/relevant happens (and certainly when I start traveling), but this current micro-self-analysis isn’t working for me right now.
I am actually in the process of winding down my psychoanalysis as well. I think this blog, in many ways, has [...]

Dreaming of Solo Women

I have been radically rethinking my radical rethinking and my brain is worn out. I am learning so much from you as I plan and process. It is impossible for me to imagine what this ’solitary’ journey would look like without you.
One thing I’ve realized is that I’ve woven in a lot of different things [...]

Blogus Interruptus

I need to take a short break from this blog. I am sick of myself and my writing is starting to feel like narcissistic navel gazing.
All of my plans are still on. But, of course, I need to be more flexible and patient with regard to this journey.  (Two things that seem to be a [...]


I am kind of freaking out about how much information I post on this blog, but I can’t really come up with a logical reason for why I should be.
At this point, it is not so much that I am afraid people are going to find out these things about me (okay, maybe there are [...]