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Lazy girl’s guide to getting rid of stuff

Open kitchen drawer.
Take picture.
Post on Craigslist.
“Anybody want some Pyrex?”

Kitchen utensils?

Oddly shaped dishes?

Don’t knock. They’re on the front lawn.

It worked really well.
I got rid of a bunch of stuff yesterday.
It feels great!
P.S. Technomadia did a great overview of all of the attendees at the NuRVers Rally,
including links to all of their blogs. You can find [...]

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Giving

One of the things I have been struggling with as I try to think about someone that I can give to each day is my tendency to judge the potential recipient’s worthiness or unworthiness of my charity. (Nice of me, huh?)
This occurred to me late one day when I had not yet done my daily [...]

I’m really honest because I’m really lazy

I am posting all kinds of really personal information on this blog.
I guess this site is sort of anonymous, but my pictures are all over it.
My husband keeps saying, “Don’t write anything you wouldn’t want to see on the cover of the New York Times.”
(Not to suggest that the New York Times would ever care [...]

Donating in the Rain

With the Lifeworks donation pickup scheduled for 11am today, I figured I could wake up early to get everything in the driveway ready to go. I woke up to torrential rain. Lounging around in my nightgown, drinking coffee, and watching the rain pour down, I really didn’t want to don the big blue rain parka [...]