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I got my DREAM job

Some of you have been with me for a while… way back in the day when I was still in psychoanalysis. Way back in the day when I didn’t leave my house, was making a lot of money, drinking too much, shopping too much, and still working my ass off in twice a week therapy.
This [...]

I stopped shampooing my hair.

Okay, so I know a lot of you are already doing this, but I have to admit that it never appealed to me. I liked my sudsy, scented shampoos and conditioners. I thought people who used other stuff must have hair that is kind of stinky.
But, I am continuing to try to cut expenses, so [...]

My Homemade Schematic

I was trying to get my head around my electrical system (since I have three outlets that aren’t working). In the process, I made this homemade schematic of my Mini.
I think I’m starting to figure some of this out!

I am going to expand it and add things as I understand them. I had to study [...]

Adding a Screen Room to My RV

Here is my Christmas present from my husband! I was able to set up and dismantle the whole thing by myself. (I was worried, because the instructions say you need two people.)
The screen room was $139 and the rug was $59,  much cheaper than the permanent screen rooms that attach to your awning.



Happy Holidays! I [...]

One Year of Sobriety Today

What a year…
I’m feeling quiet lately, but all is well.
Oliver Lee State Park is beautiful.

Strange Places in New Mexico

“You should go to Three Rivers”
Sitting in the small cabin that serves as check in lobby for the resort where Susan is working, I’ve told the retired owner we’re caravaning to White Sands National Monument the next morning. Selected from my 1,000 Places to See Before You Die! book, he suggests that instead of camping [...]

Credit Card Debt/Finances Update – paid off another card!

After starting with over $51,000 in credit card debt on three cards, I am now down to $32,000 on one card!
Credit Card Debt:
American Express: $31,997
My interest expense on that card is about $250 a month, so maybe my interest rate is higher than I thought? I thought it was prime plus 3%.
I have been [...]

What I’ve learned so far (revised and expanded!)

This is the post I’d written for Monday, but I had an unexpected this-feels-too-personal reaction and didn’t want to publish it. Maybe it is because it came from a journal entry, since it isn’t that much more personal than stuff I’ve written before. I don’t know. It just feels really personal! (And is kind of [...]

This post is an overview of the maintenance issues I’ve had since I started my trip. It is probably only of interest to those of you who are worried/curious about this aspect of RVing (or just are really into RVs)!
Walking out of a fast food restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska:
What is that pool of fluid under [...]

The Arctic Ocean! I made it!

I made it to the Arctic Ocean!
Since there is no road access to the ocean in the summer, I had to fly the last 60 miles to Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories, a tiny Inuvialuit community right on the ocean.
Rain delayed my flight, so I camped in the parking lot of the tour operator that was booking [...]

End of the Dempster!

I’ve finished the Dempster! I’ve got a busted tail pipe, broken exterior steps, and maybe one slow leak in a rear tire, but I finished it!
I am exhausted.
I will head to the airport tomorrow to find out about flights. I’m only 60 miles from the Arctic Ocean!
Here are some pictures and videos of today’s drive. [...]

The Arctic Circle!

What a drive today. That was tough.
I had no idea what six and a half hours of washboard, potholed, slick, muddy road driving was like.
And, now, I do.
I get to do that three more times and I think I’m done for life!



After the first 100 miles, I didn’t think I was going to make it. [...]

Mile Zero of the The Dempster Highway

“Did you just come off the Dempster?”
“Yes!” the man washing his mud caked RV angrily barks back at me.
More tentatively, “uh, how was it?”
“Dreadful! Awful! It rained all the way up and all the way back! We almost went right off the road! It was awful!”
I didn’t know a road could make a person so [...]

Through the Rockies: Fort Nelson to Liard Hot Springs

It was during my drive from Fort Nelson to Liard Hot Springs that I first had the frightening sensation of being alone in a vast wilderness.
I’ve been in the forests of Upper Michigan, in natural places far from any city, but I’ve never had such a sense of being alone in a place that seemed [...]

Mile Zero!

I made it to Mile Zero of the Alaska Highway! I had no idea that I would feel this excited when I got here, but getting to this point already feels like a huge accomplishment.
I can hardly believe that I have arrived at the starting line and am starting on this journey.
I will spend a [...]