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I drove it

I finally drove the Winnebago Journey! Much easier to drive than I thought, but big, lumbering, and even needed a jump to get started.
I also drove a Fleetwood Pulse. (A diesel class C on the Sprinter chassis). That was one hot little thing, but too pricey for me.
I am going to take your advice, once [...]

I’m going driving today

I’ve had to think too much, so now my brain is too tired to write a nice long post.
I am headed to Roman Holiday Motorhomes to test drive the big rig and a Sprinter class C.  I am also going to sit in them for a very long time.
I’ve got all of my adopted family’s [...]

RV Driving School?

As I think about getting down to Roman Holiday to test drive the Winnebago Journey, I’ve realized that I need to figure out how I am going to get a lot more time behind the wheel of a big ass diesel pusher before I make my final purchase decision.
So, I was thinking that I should [...]

My girl is in town!

Being pretty settled on the 2000ish Winnebago Journey, I am constantly searching the online RV sites to learn more about inventory and pricing for that model.
I have also been trying to plan a trip back to PPL in Houston (a three hour drive from here), so that I can test drive the Journey they have [...]

A boring post and a thousand miles in the Arctic

Most of you are not interested in this level of detail, but I need to keep this stuff straight to stay organized. (If you do read this, please let me know if you notice any errors in my work and/or thinking!)
Goal Date for RV:
My goal is to be in the RV by May 1st. That [...]

I think this might be my girl

I have done a pathological amount of research, but feel like I am honing in on what I’d like to buy!
I am really attached to the 2000-ish Winnebago Journey, so hope I can get something like this or very close.
What I like:

Diesel Pusher
36 feet
Has that Cummins Engine that all the guys have told me I [...]

In the rain at PPL

I wimped out.
It was raining. Traffic was backed up on the surrounding freeways. I drank too much wine last night.
In a post luncheon suit and heels, I felt like an idiot asking about diesel pushers. (I swear to God, two guys were looking at me and laughing.)
Even though I didn’t test drive anything, I did [...]

PPL Motorhomes

I am headed to Houston today to test drive some diesel pushers!  I hope to eventually buy something in the 35 ft range, so was happy to see they’ve recently added a 1995 36 ft Foretravel to their inventory.
I promise not to buy anything, yet.
I will post an update after I get back.
Wish me luck!

I’m gonna get a big ass diesel pusher

The longer I wait, the bigger it gets.  More research has me now fixated on the diesel pusher class A.  I test drove a gasoline powered class A, but, after more research (and a lot of help from the Yahoo Diesel RV Group) I’ve decided to test drive the diesel pusher.
Having fishtailed under a semi [...]

A 2X4 to the head would be nice.

The more I learn about RVs, the more frustrated I get with figuring out what I should purchase. My kind advisors fall into a few camps. Advice varies from:

Don’t overthink this – just buy an affordable, used class A motorhome for your first year ($35Kish). After that, you can trade in knowing exactly what you [...]

I’m on a boat!

With the exception of my brief love affair with the van-plan, I’ve been set on the class C style motorhome. I’d heard that class As were better for fulltiming, but have insisted that I prefer the smaller version.
After reflecting on it, I realized (with dread) that I didn’t exactly favor driving the class C, but [...]

May 1st

That is the goal date for my full time van plan. Well, the van plan has actually morphed into an RV plan. I’ve decided that I will need a bit more space so am looking for a 25-27 ft Class C motorhome.  (What I rented in April of this year.)
Not sure where my first trip [...]

What I really want to do

is live in my car.
I don’t know why. I just want the simplicity. I want the mobility. I don’t want all of this stuff that I have to store, clean, maintain.  Compared to most people, I probably don’t really have that much. I live in an 880 sq ft minimalist house and drive a five [...]

Fulltime Van Plan

I seem to have convinced David of my plan. It involves renting out my (much adored) central Austin house, upgrading his gulf coast home to be our ‘home base’, and, here’s the best part, the purchase of a van for me to live and travel in! (Duration, undetermined.)
I am up late obsessing what kind of [...]