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Your Opinion on my Budget and Van Options?

I have a few different options I am considering. If you don’t mind helping me think this through, I’d love your feedback.

Here is my current monthly budget:

Rent: $450
Food: $250
Car: $360
Gas : $100
Auto ins: $80
Life ins: $30
Phone: $100
Medical: $105
Web sites: $40
Child care: $250

Total: est. $1,800

Camry: Just under $12K at 6%
*note: I am not including [...]

A Case for Vandwelling

I thought that I was settling down to have a baby, but the settling down part may be shorter lived than I expected.
In reality, I am still quite itinerant with my boy. Silas and I sleep in at least three different houses each week – our primary home (where we rent a room), my brother’s [...]

A Review of My RV

I think most of you know that I love my Mini, but since some of you are still in the shopping stage, I wanted to give you a hindsight review of my RV choice.
What I love:

It it really easy to drive. I am in love with the Sprinter!
Averaging 15mpg. (Some say they do better, but [...]

Living in my RV!

I am so excited about my RV that I moved into her almost immediately.
I’ve spent the first two nights drycamping at the Texas Gulf Coast. This whole experience is overwhelming and amazing and terrifying. Half the time I am excited out of my mind and the other half I am so scared about what I’ve [...]

My Mini!

It took me longer to get out of Houston than planned, but I wanted to show you the interior of my new Mini! (Sorry for the wind noise at the beginning.)
I’ve got my house rented starting May 15th. After all this waiting and planning, it feels like everything is happening fast. I am so excited [...]

My New Plan

(Editor’s note: Apologies if you got an email with an old post yesterday. I was trying to take two posts off of private and they re-posted.)
Realizing that in my neighborhood home prices were going down and rent prices were going up, I decided to take my home off the market and list it for rent [...]

Look what I got

I’ve made some changes to my plans, but I am still taking my trip. I’ll post an update soon.
I found this when it listed on Thursday. Drove to test drive it Friday. Made an offer that was refused. Got a call after I left that they would take it.  Got my financing approved today.
I’m really [...]

A critical factor

I’m calling two banks today to apply for financing for my RV purchase.
I’m calling a tiny bank I’ve used for years in Northern Michigan and a tiny bank we used to buy my husband’s house on the Gulf Coast.
I’m not sure how the financing is going to look for me. My credit scores for the [...]

A Thousand Miles

On Friday, I drove almost 500 miles to test drive an RV. On Saturday I drove 250 miles to the Gulf. On Sunday I drove 250 miles back. I need to remember that part of my RV fantasy is that I love driving. My conundrum has been this:
I might not be able afford the [...]

Test Drive

I attended my Automotive Electrical Systems course and love it! It is not easy, but it is very, very fun. We played with all sorts of electrical stuff. Why have you guys been keeping all these fun things to yourselves?
I’m driving 460 miles to test drive a 2006 Winnebago View today. (230 miles each way.)
I [...]

Fickle Girls

It’s Friday night and I am engaged in my usual pastime -  alone, online, and looking for my dream motorhome.
Getting close to 90 days out from moving into my RV, I am starting to feel the pressure. Nervousness about my house sale has me scaling back my budget.
To my surprise, I find a new listing [...]

Twenty four hours in an 8 by 7 room

“You’re not going anywhere,” Joey announces as I am packing my overnight bag in the back of her RV.
I’m out of meds and really need to get home.
“It is snow, sleet, and ice all across Interstate 35 today,” she continues.
I slump down onto her couch and ask her to show me the weather radar. A [...]

RV Slumber Party

I’m in Bedford, Texas, at the Family Homeless Shelter.
Actually, I am in the driveway of the Family Homeless Shelter, in my sister Joey’s RV, sitting on a twin mattress that I dragged out of the garage.  I’m freezing my ass off.
Joey’s RV is a 1997 Fleetwood Bounder. She’s ripped out every piece of furniture and [...]

Oh my god I found it

Okay, seriously, no surprise, I am planning to buy something much smaller than the class A I test drove. I am going to write more about that later, but wanted to thank you all for sharing your experience and opinions last week.
I know some of you have expressed reluctance about sharing your opinions or concern [...]

How do you shut your brain off without a bottle of wine?

I haven’t figured that out yet. I am completely worn out. (I am still sober.)
I recognize that there are no perfect solutions, but my brain sometimes won’t stop as I continually go in search of one.
As has been so kindly suggested, I need to stop writing about RV shopping and selection for a few days [...]