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View from the motorhome

I woke up to intense thunderstorms.
I opened the windows and watched and listened to the rain as my motorhome moved and heaved with each gust of wind.
I drank peppermint tea and wrote in my journal.
Another beautiful morning.

I’m spending a week at the Gulf Coast as I prepare for my trip.

Solo RVing

I pull in to the state park, overtired and lonely, more interested in getting some cheap hook ups and a private parking spot than viewing the nearby series of waterfalls.
It is an unusually cold and wet day and the park is empty. As I pull up to my site, the damp fire pit, empty picnic [...]

View from the Motorhome, April 17, 2010

An extraordinary morning of heavy rain followed by blue skies and lots of birds, including three redbirds, playing in the trees outside my window.

My pretty campsite at Zion

Psychotic Grandma takes me hiking

Realizing I have crammed too much into two days, I have a hurried drive to Zion National Park, a quick camp set up (I feel like a pro at this point), and an early morning jump on the trail shuttle with very little preparation.  Sore from my previous day’s hike, and desperate to see a [...]

Bizarre Hoodoos and oh-my-god-I’m-camping

As previously noted, I wasn’t feeling very confident with regard to camping.  I couldn’t believe that I ever thought this was a good idea.
I arrive at the campground and no one is there. I have no idea what to do. I drive in circles until, finally, I find a camper with a sign that says, [...]

Warning: Road May Not Be Passable

I was scared, again, this morning. Everytime I re-checked my route on Google Maps, it always defaulted to a long detour onto an interstate up north – having me go straight north, straight west, and then straight south down to Escalante, Utah.  The little ’scenic’ route that was much shorter didn’t even show up, and [...]

One big post on Northern Michigan

So, despite my good intentions, I neglected to post anything about my summer escape to Northern Michigan.  In lieu of that, here are some pictures.

1970 Marlette Trailer

I spent this summer cleaning up a 1970s trailer to serve as my summer abode.  Quite a bit of work, especially since racoons had taken up residence a few years ago.
In any case, here are some before and after shots of my new summer home….