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What frightens me the most

Having been a solo woman traveler already, I realize that my fears for this second attempt are actually quite different that the first time around.
The first time I was getting on the road, I feared for my safety.
But… I learned that people in the world are predominantly friendly, safe, and helpful. I realized I had [...]

Living out of My Car – Step One

I think part of the appeal of getting back on the road is the desire to maintain the extreme simplicity of not owning a lot of STUFF.
So, that is where I am going to start with my new vandwelling plan.
Goal #1: Radically simplify so that everything Silas and I need can fit in my Toyota [...]

A Case for Vandwelling

I thought that I was settling down to have a baby, but the settling down part may be shorter lived than I expected.
In reality, I am still quite itinerant with my boy. Silas and I sleep in at least three different houses each week – our primary home (where we rent a room), my brother’s [...]

Mom and Baby in a Van?

As I posted previously, I am lucky to get 99.9% of my baby stuff completely free. In fact, I have to sort of bar the door and let people know, “Thank you, so much, but we really have been given enough already!”
We live together in one bedroom, so everything we have has to fit in [...]

Living on $21K a year

I thought I was living simply before, but I am living far more simply now! Here is my updated budget as a single momma:

Rent: $450 (all bills paid; I rent a bedroom in a big house with another family – a great deal!)
Car payment: $360 (I have a 2011 Toyota Camry)
Groceries: $250
Child care: $250 ($50 [...]

September 2012 Update (reposted)

I’m going to start blogging again, so am trying to reorganize old posts. This is an old one.
Thanks to all of you who have been checking up on me! I’ve received quite a few notes and inquiries, so wanted to provide an update.
Everything is going very well! I travelled solo to Africa last year, am [...]

Bye Bye Mini. It was fun!

She drove off with her new owners yesterday.

The End

Hi everyone,
I’m not sure if anyone is still checking my blog, but I decided that I wanted to bring it to a close with a final post.
Things have changed over the last few months that I’ve not been able to write about. Some I couldn’t write about because they were difficult and/or painful for me [...]

Back in my Mini

All is going really well with me, but a lot has changed.
I moved back into my Mini last month. I decided to move to a smaller town and so am living in an RV park for now. (Not as fun as a National Park and it is hot!) The owner came by today to collect [...]

Now that we’re alone….

Thanks to all of you who are still checking in on me. I appreciate the notes and comments throughout my blog!
I’m not sure why I’ve taken a break. Some of you who’ve been reading for a while have pointed out to me that it is something I’ve done at least a couple of times.
It feels [...]

A Few Stripper Stuff Clarifications….

I feel like I would rather write about this stuff after it is all ‘processed’, but maybe I will be doing that work on my blog. Anyway, I can’t resist the urge to clarify a few quick points.
I am not making a statement with regard to whether or not adult entertainment is an inherently ‘good’ [...]

Stripper Stuff

I rented a short term (6 month) condo for David and me. It is a comfortable place that we can share. I love that I don’t have much stuff, as I am especially aware of it in this space.
When I moved into my Mini, I still had about a half of a single garage’s worth [...]

And Now For Something Completely Different

I know this blog is probably considered an RV blog, since that is mostly what I have been focused on over the last year or more. But, for me, it has really been a blog about my psychological and spiritual healing resulting from my three years of intensive psychoanalysis.
That journey (which started about two years [...]

All is well

Just a note to say that all is well. I haven’t repaired the circuit yet, but have just left it shut down.
I had my 40th birthday, today is my sister’s birthday, and my father had hip replacement surgery yesterday, so things are just very busy.
Hope all is well in the blogosphere!
Take care,
p.s. I am WAY [...]

Fire Shooting Out of Outlets = I don’t need that coffee.

Yesterday I was just sitting around, heard a light pop, then smelled slight burning. I went to my galley and noticed one of my bulbs was out, so assumed that was what I heard and smelled.
This morning, my coffee finishes brewing and I hear a loud pop, rush over to my galley, see smoke coming [...]