I am going to quit email

quitting emailSo, this may be strange, considering I have an (infrequently updated!) online blog, but I think I need to dial back my online life. I simply cannot keep up. I frequently would end up with 200 or more emails before I’d sit down with my iPhone to sort, respond, and delete, but now it is getting out of control.

I have close to 1,000 unread emails. (Sorry to those of you who have emailed me!)

My new reality is that my son does not like it when I am on my iPhone, which I use for everything. (Including capturing every moment with him.) But Silas wants me to look at HIM. He gets very angry when he has to compete with this little black contraption in my hand.

Putting away my phone is what has put me so far behind on email, but the letting go has felt unexpectedly good.

Yesterday, I was sitting in my brother’s backyard watching my son take his tentative first steps across the lawn. He was teetering and tottering, with his two little arms stretched out in front of him like Frankenstein. Screaming in delight with his accomplishment, it took everything in me to remember to stay with this moment – to not reach for my iPhone to capture it and email it out.

I stayed with him in in our experience of mutual delight. We wandered around the yard as he picked and ate dandelions.

So, last night I turned on my email vacation responder, telling people that I am going to stop using email.

We’ll see how it works. Right now, it feels great.

learning to be present

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