How to Not Own Anything?

How to not own anythingThis seems to be part of what I am struggling with right now. What do I NEED to have?

I can’t stop analyzing my RV, van, and trailer options. I am even researching tiny houses, earth bag houses, yurts, etc.

But do you think I need any of these things? I’m starting to feel confused about that.

Right now we go from house to house. We don’t have our own home. As much as I love that constant family interaction (especially for Silas), there is something nagging me about creating a place that is just OURS.

My RV felt like my home.

But there are real perks to not having anything right now. The way we live now is SO simple. Very unconventional, but very simple.

Can I just sit with nothing? Have nothing? Have quiet moments of just BEING with my baby and DOING NOTHING?


Hair update: uh, nasty mess. It feels like straw and oily straw.

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