Living out of My Car – Step One

I think part of the appeal of getting back on the road is the desire to maintain the extreme simplicity of not owning a lot of STUFF.

So, that is where I am going to start with my new vandwelling plan.

Goal #1: Radically simplify so that everything Silas and I need can fit in my Toyota Camry. I want to see if we can live out of (not IN) my car.

living out of my car

I cleared out the trunk the other day. (Filled with books and baby stuff.) We have been very informally packing stuff back and forth, but I want to minimize all my things so that we are always completely self-contained as we go from house to house.

I have been researching “living out of a suitcase”, but think I have a pretty good sense from my time on the road.

What I think we need:

One big duffle bag: our clothes/shoes and hygiene items (our personal stuff)

One backpack: computer, books, files, etc (my mobile office for work and school)

One baby bag: all of Silas’ things – diapers, food, change of clothing, pajamas, books, toys, bottle, sippy cups. (What he needs that always needs to be on my person.)

Umbrella stroller: my boy doesn’t walk yet, and weighs 27 lbs!

We will still sleep, bathe, and cook in other people’s houses, so I don’t need to provide those items.

I know I am blogging like crazy all of a sudden, but I think I need to connect with my tribe – people who support the idea that we don’t need so much stuff!

I have a budget where I think I can live on $12,000 a year.

I want to see if I can get there… and this is part of that plan….

Mom, your ideas are going from bad to worse....

I need to accelerate my development for talking. Mom's ideas are going from bad to worse....

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