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How I am Living Out of My Car

I have been living out of my car for at least a couple of weeks now. I did this quick video to show my set up. As you can see, it isn’t that sophisticated!
I wouldn’t mind a 12 volt cooler and battery jump pack. (And I wouldn’t mind having a van!)
But, here is what we [...]

My baby loves to dance (video)

I just had to share this video. I really think my boy has got a dancin’ gene.

How to be “homeless” – living in public spaces

One misconception that I think some people have of my vandwelling plan is that I am going to be spending a lot of time IN the van with my baby. Like you, I don’t think that would work very well.
I see the van as a space for sleeping and storing our food and things. Other [...]

What it felt like to go from an RV to a House

In June of 2010, I wrote¬†about my thoughts on the transition from a traditional home to an RV, but I didn’t get to share my experience of transitioning from an RV back into a traditional house.
I lived in my RV until I went to Africa for fertility treatment. (I plan to write about my solo [...]

Vandwelling and Taking Showers

As I’ve posted in my budget, I pay $50 a week for 20 hours a week of childcare ($250 a month). I found a super luxury fitness club that offers 2 hours a child care daily (14 hours a week) with a no-contract monthly membership of $98 a month.
This is a multi-level facility that includes [...]

Don’t Help Me!

“Jennifer, I am worried about you. Your brother told me he thinks you are exhausted and overwhelmed.” My mother’s concern feels like nails on a chalkboard to me.
“Mom, I am fine. I am resting right now! I have a lot going on, but I love everything I am doing!”
“You sound like you are sick.”
“Yes, I [...]

A Simpler Way to Simplify

Having been gone most of this week, I came home to my rented bedroom to find it filled with more new-to-me hand me down toys.
I should be grateful, but I groaned.
Silas has SO MUCH STUFF!
Moving into my Camry has been liberating.
For anyone who has tried to simplify, you know how hard it is to tackle [...]

Your Opinion on my Budget and Van Options?

I have a few different options I am considering. If you don’t mind helping me think this through, I’d love your feedback.

Here is my current monthly budget:

Rent: $450
Food: $250
Car: $360
Gas : $100
Auto ins: $80
Life ins: $30
Phone: $100
Medical: $105
Web sites: $40
Child care: $250

Total: est. $1,800

Camry: Just under $12K at 6%
*note: I am not including [...]

What frightens me the most

Having been a solo woman traveler already, I realize that my fears for this second attempt are actually quite different that the first time around.
The first time I was getting on the road, I feared for my safety.
But… I learned that people in the world are predominantly friendly, safe, and helpful. I realized I had [...]

Living out of My Car – Step One

I think part of the appeal of getting back on the road is the desire to maintain the extreme simplicity of not owning a lot of STUFF.
So, that is where I am going to start with my new vandwelling plan.
Goal #1: Radically simplify so that everything Silas and I need can fit in my Toyota [...]

A Case for Vandwelling

I thought that I was settling down to have a baby, but the settling down part may be shorter lived than I expected.
In reality, I am still quite itinerant with my boy. Silas and I sleep in at least three different houses each week – our primary home (where we rent a room), my brother’s [...]