Mom and Baby in a Van?

As I posted previously, I am lucky to get 99.9% of my baby stuff completely free. In fact, I have to sort of bar the door and let people know, “Thank you, so much, but we really have been given enough already!”Silas and the wipes

We live together in one bedroom, so everything we have has to fit in this one room.

Despite having been given so many nice things, I noticed the other day that the thing he wanted to play with was the empty container of diaper wipes! So much for all this stuff!

I spend $450 a month on rent and $360 a month on my car. I can’t help but wonder if he and I could live together in a van… We would spend a lot of our free time at parks and visiting all the family I have around here. When I’m not working, we could take trips to state and national parks.

Is that too crazy? I would still have to work and use daycare, so wouldn’t be traveling long distance as much. But I think I’d like living in a van with him….

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