A Few Stripper Stuff Clarifications….

I feel like I would rather write about this stuff after it is all ‘processed’, but maybe I will be doing that work on my blog. Anyway, I can’t resist the urge to clarify a few quick points.

I am not making a statement with regard to whether or not adult entertainment is an inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’ thing. It seems to be just something that IS. I trend toward thinking it should be safe, legal, and regulated.

naughty(Being a stripper in a club could sometimes suck, but being recognized as a stripper in any other social situation was the real soul crushing humiliation. So, I’m left to wonder…. was it the stripping that hurt so much? Or the societal view that I was a piece of trash that hurt? I still tend to think the latter was the worst of it. As well as the aspect of it that made it so hard to transition into another job or anything else.)

Many well meaning people speak emphatically against this type of work on behalf of women working in it. My experience was that they may have been meaning to save my ‘body’ from being exploited, but their appropriation of my VOICE often felt far more psychologically obliterating.

The only truth that I emphatically hold to is that no one person can tell the story of another person. (And women in my position can be the most self righteously dangerous with regard to delusions of being able to speak FOR everyone else.)

What I want to do is to offer help to the women who don’t want to strip anymore, but feel stuck. When I put out a few flyers offering help with that a couple of years ago, women started calling me. I wasn’t able to be helpful to them, so I want to learn from people who are more expert about how I can be.

I think one of my knee-jerk angry unprocessed things is with regard to my frequent encounters with people who have a savior complex! It is intolerable for me to see myself as that self righteous woman, so I may just obessively post this same sort of stuff over and over again in reaction to that visceral fear. Ha ha.

Whew! RV blogs gone bad? ; )

Take care,


p.s. I am having to study math to prepare for the GRE test and math makes me cry.

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