Tithing 10%

I was halfway to Quartzsite, had a meltdown and ran home to my husband. I am having a harder time being away from him right now.

work-in-progressI’ve decided/felt/realized that I need to start giving away 10% of my gross income each month, so will also include that in my budget this year. (Dave Ramsey says he tithed all the way into and out of bankruptcy and that if we can’t live on 90% of our income, then we can’t live on 100%.)

My healing through my Jungian psychoanalysis was a profoundly transformative spiritual experience (that I’ve not written very candidly, or at all?, about) and this impulse has that strong spiritual feeling that I can’t ignore.

Taking a hard look at my budget, my financial goals for this year, and my recognition that I need to give more away makes it harder for me to spend so freely on travel, so my travel style is going to have to be recalibrated for the short term.

So much of this is a process for me. When I started this journey I often felt discouraged when I would see how disciplined others were in these areas. From my vantage point, it felt like it was too far a leap to make. Now I’m learning that all of these things are a journey and that moving toward this lifestyle, gently, and without harsh judgments on how I should or should not be doing it has allowed for a wonderful and more natural sense of growth.

Hope you are doing well!

Take care,


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