Monthly Archives: January 2011

All is well

Just a note to say that all is well. I haven’t repaired the circuit yet, but have just left it shut down.
I had my 40th birthday, today is my sister’s birthday, and my father had hip replacement surgery yesterday, so things are just very busy.
Hope all is well in the blogosphere!
Take care,
p.s. I am WAY [...]

Fire Shooting Out of Outlets = I don’t need that coffee.

Yesterday I was just sitting around, heard a light pop, then smelled slight burning. I went to my galley and noticed one of my bulbs was out, so assumed that was what I heard and smelled.
This morning, my coffee finishes brewing and I hear a loud pop, rush over to my galley, see smoke coming [...]

Tithing 10%

I was halfway to Quartzsite, had a meltdown and ran home to my husband. I am having a harder time being away from him right now.
I’ve decided/felt/realized that I need to start giving away 10% of my gross income each month, so will also include that in my budget this year. (Dave Ramsey says he [...]

Out of Credit Card Debt in 2011!

My biggest goal for 2011 is to be completely out of credit card debt. I have one card left:
American Express: -$29,158.08
I cut some big expenses over the last two years, but didn’t ever do a hard budget. I’ve just used my debit card for everything and whatever was left at the end of the month [...]

Stealth Camping

Back on the road! Here is a short video about how I stealth camp while traveling.

transcript for stealth camping