A Review of My RV

I think most of you know that I love my Mini, but since some of you are still in the shopping stage, I wanted to give you a hindsight review of my RV choice.

What I love:

  • miniIt it really easy to drive. I am in love with the Sprinter!
  • Averaging 15mpg. (Some say they do better, but this is my average.)
  • Really reliable engine. I know that if I take good care of it, my Mercedes Benz diesel will keep my Mini running for a long, long time.
  • It is skinny, so that makes for much less stress in tight spots.
  • I love the floorplan and rear bath, with a large enough shower to use. (I didn’t realize how few RVers used their own showers!)
  • I like the more contemporary interior design.
  • 24 foot with a slide is the perfect size for me.
  • I can do a veggie oil conversion on the diesel.

What I don’t love:

  • How much I spent.
  • Poor quality of house construction.
  • Poor quality of Gulf Stream support.

winnebago minnieIf I were shopping right now? I’d probably be looking at something like this 2003 Winnebago Minnie.


  • I’d have as much, (if not more) room as my current class C
  • I bought my 2006 Mini for $45K, and could probably pay $15k less for this 2003 Winnebago.
  • I’d have an RV that had a good manufacturer — better construction, better customer service, and, oh dear god, maybe I’d get a detailed schematic!

As I start to finally tighten the belt on my spending, I think my only regret is just how much I spent. I’d rather have the $15k and the older Winnebago.

Hold back on the “I told you so!”

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