Screen Room Disaster

It’s Christmas morning, so I am at my husband’s house at the Gulf.  (Because his tiny house is a 700 sq ft wall to wall office, I still live in my Mini when I’m here.)

huff and puffI’m sitting in my comfy leather chair and drinking coffee when I see my new screenroom go AIRBORNE. Half of the 10×10 structure is IN THE AIR, hurtling toward my Mini.

Flying out of my chair, I run outside barefoot to try to get a grip on one of the flying legs. The roof has now turned into a giant sail, so I don’t dare let go to run ask my husband for help.

Step by step, I dismantle the room in the blowing wind. I’m freezing my ass off.

Frantically running around for almost ten minutes, I finally have the room safely disassembled. Able to catch my breath for the first time and lowering my adrenaline, I am again struck by how cold I am.

Another cold gust of wind and I realize why –  the back of my cotton skirt is stuffed in my underwear.

Not only was I freezing my ass off, I was baring my ass to all my neighbors.

Merry Christmas!


p.s.  I did have the screen room staked into the ground!

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