November Travel Expenses and Credit Card Debt Update

I’d rather not post this because I’m gagging on the numbers. That said, this exercise is not one in which I am intending to show you how ‘frugal’ I am, but more along the lines of when I posted “I can’t believe I am a drunk.”

credit card debtMoving out of my house and into my RV did cut a lot of my expenses, but I started with a pretty high bar of spending and still have a lot of room for growth.

  • RV Insurance: $98
  • Diesel Fuel: $748 (this is one I cannot believe, but it is correct)
  • Propane $33 (I have a propane generator)
  • RV Maintenance: $9 (weighing my rig; she’s about 200lbs overweight)
  • RV Parks: $307 (more free/cheap camping this month)
  • Dining: $192 (includes taking a friend to dinner)
  • Groceries: $256 (artificially low as I’ve been trying to eat all the food I’d stocked in my pantry for Alaska)
  • Car Rental: $352 (This should be partially written off as a business expense, as I needed a car to go to a bunch of work meetings one week.)
  • Tourism: $42 (museum and three events at McDonald’s Observatory)
  • Internet: $64 (Verizon WiFi)
  • Misc: $50 (electric heater; I was blowing through my propane.)


Good news is that I am making progress on my credit card debt! This one I always like to show in context  – from a high of about $51K (on three cards) in the summer of 2009 to one card:

American Express: $28,906

(Interest rate is prime plus 6%)


I get a lot of questions about ‘why’ I am paying off so much credit card debt and not just walking away. The issue is that my business is completely dependent upon my credit rating. (If I get a ding on my credit, it effectively shuts down my entire business.)

That said, my credit scores aren’t great. It seems owing a lot on your mortgage has become a bigger part of the scoring equation. These indicators of why my scores are low have a couple of new statements about real estate account balance. (I haven’t refinanced yet.)

credit scores december 2010

*fool me once shame on....


I’m feeling better! Thanks for all the well wishes on the vertigo…


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