October Travel Expenses

I’ve been really sick.  (Warning to solo travelers – always have any and all medicines you think you might need in your RV!) So, I’ve been laying in bed trying to figure out what I’m spending each month.

Here are some very rough numbers from last month in case you are interested.


  • RV Insurance: $98
  • Diesel Fuel: $334
  • RV Maintenance: $149 (oil plus filter; I did the oil change)
  • RV Parks: $521 (Includes one propane refill purchased at RV park.)
  • Dining: $157
  • Groceries: $346
  • Car Rental: $168 (I rented a car in Santa Fe.)
  • Other Travel Expenses: $894 (Includes planned $500 monthly travel budget to see my husband ($440 actual); $341 payment on my satellite phone usage in the Arctic; $80 National Parks annual pass renewal, Good Sam membership.)
  • Internet: $64 (Verizon WiFi)

That’s all I’ve got for now.

Take care,


p.s. I finally relented and am on antibiotics, so am starting to feel better.

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