Monthly Archives: November 2010

Writing about Writing

I still feel like I’ve gone into a bit of a hibernation/quiet mode.  My travel experiences have been wonderful and I want to share them with you! I just feel at a loss for words when I sit down and try to tell you about them.
Sometimes it feels like so much is changing with me [...]

One Year of Sobriety Today

What a year…
I’m feeling quiet lately, but all is well.
Oliver Lee State Park is beautiful.

Strange Places in New Mexico

“You should go to Three Rivers”
Sitting in the small cabin that serves as check in lobby for the resort where Susan is working, I’ve told the retired owner we’re caravaning to White Sands National Monument the next morning. Selected from my 1,000 Places to See Before You Die! book, he suggests that instead of camping [...]

October Travel Expenses

I’ve been really sick.  (Warning to solo travelers – always have any and all medicines you think you might need in your RV!) So, I’ve been laying in bed trying to figure out what I’m spending each month.
Here are some very rough numbers from last month in case you are interested.

RV Insurance: $98
Diesel Fuel: $334
RV [...]

Learning Nomadism

Learning to live as a nomad continues to be a new practice for me. I enjoy it, but still feel like a novitiate.
When I left Truth or Consequences,  I checked into an RV park outside of Santa Fe and quickly ran out to do some touristy things.
I took the trip to the Pueblo ruins, which [...]

Remembering Things

Walking through the ruins of the ancient Pueblo people’s homes in Bandelier National Monument, I was thinking of Dan’s  comment about our attachment to items that function as placeholders for our important memories.
When I felt the urge to give away my things, it was only with regard to meaningless items that felt like [...]