It’s Getting Simpler

I’m loving simplifying and continue to do so. The longer I live in my Mini, the more I let go of. I used to have two closets full of really expensive clothes, and now I wear the same few outfits over and over again.

I’ve learned to shop for food more simply (and frequently), buying fewer items that I know I will use that week. There is a novelty to always buying your food in a new place. I’m learning to stop and turn around when I see a roadside vegetable stand.

roadside farmers market smallerThis has been a real growth process, a culture shock in many ways, but I feel like after almost seven months this life is starting to feel familiar. With the thrill of the first few months, “familiar” is a significant phase. I think you all have seen me go through it, kind of flailing around, trying to figure out if I was bored, still whipping back and forth across the United States.

There was a lot of empty space in my life after I let go of things and self destructive habits. It was a leap of faith and the re-filling of my life with more deeply fulfilling aspects wasn’t immediate, but has crept in slowly.

I am out of doors more often. I am hot more frequently, cold more frequently. I’m no longer inside a sealed up building, obsessed with keeping my environment a perfect 72 degrees.

Last night I was driving back to the RV park and the full moon was high over the desert. I thought, “Oh, it’s the 23rd, the full moon!” It was as beautiful as you can imagine over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and I felt such a deep sense of peace and joy. It then occurred to me that this was the first time in my life that I had spent weeks in awareness of the phase of the moon. I’d never moved slowly or attentively enough before to care.

I loved connecting with Susan, and feel so inspired by her. She doesn’t own anything. After four months of being on the road, she cleared out her last few storage items  -  giving away the last of even her sacred and sentimental possessions.  Everything she owns is in her RV, and it looks pretty empty to me, so I’ve decided to do the same. Sometime this fall/winter I will be heading back to Austin to get rid of the last few things that I couldn’t give away before.

I hope you all are doing well!

Take care,



p.s. I get a lot of emails from women with questions about solo RVing, so I’ve started a Yahoo email group for aspiring solo women RVers. If you are a woman hoping to simplify and go nomadic, I hope you will join! If you are a solo woman already are on the road and are interested in helping other women, I really hope you will join as well. Women couples are also welcome. (Basically, if you are a woman who drives and maintains her own rig, this group is for you.)

Hopefully this will be a better forum for answering (and archiving) questions specific to solo women RVing. And, since most of you don’t blog, I am hoping it will be a better place for all of us to connect.

You can find the group here


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