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RV Remodel

Okay, I finally took a video of my not-yet-finished updates!
I still want to add carpet, as well as re-think the electrical storage box behind my chair.

Can’t hear the video? Click here for the transcript
I also updated my About Me page. (It’s now a shorter version of the whole blog.)


It’s Getting Simpler

I’m loving simplifying and continue to do so. The longer I live in my Mini, the more I let go of. I used to have two closets full of really expensive clothes, and now I wear the same few outfits over and over again.
I’ve learned to shop for food more simply (and frequently), buying fewer [...]

Girls Gone Wild

“I know you!” we say in unison.
The woman walks around the check in desk and, despite having never met before, we instinctively hug.
Susan (of Minnie Minerva) is workcamping at a luxury hotsprings resort in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. With me being unsure of where to head when I hit the road, and feeling inspired [...]

Going West

I think I have a year’s worth of travel booked with all of your recommendations on my last post! (If you haven’t read the suggestions on where I should go, I recommend you take a look.)
For now, I’ve decided to head west, to New Mexico.
I’ve stopped in Austin for some basic appointments (psychiatrist, psychologist, and [...]

Destination Unknown

I have been in Texas for a couple of weeks and am feeling extreme wanderlust…
But, where should I go? I always have a very detailed plan.
I don’t have a plan.
I think I’m just going to start driving.
I’m leaving today.
(Any ideas?)

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please Stand By.

I know that the site keeps crashing and that you can’t leave comments.
I don’t know why.
I found a Wordpress expert, though! She is going to save me.

Credit Card Debt/Finances Update – paid off another card!

After starting with over $51,000 in credit card debt on three cards, I am now down to $32,000 on one card!
Credit Card Debt:
American Express: $31,997
My interest expense on that card is about $250 a month, so maybe my interest rate is higher than I thought? I thought it was prime plus 3%.
I have been [...]