I’m still stuck in the mud

When I sunk into the mud and started spinning my wheels in David’s back yard, I was grateful to the nice neighbor-man who was able to pull me back onto the grass.  He couldn’t pull me any farther, and I (quite mistakenly) believed that when the ground dried out, I’d be able to drive off, since I always park here.

But, two days later I realize I am still stuck.

It finally occurred to me, Oh yeah! I should call that Good Sam emergency service thing and see what they can do for me!

Within an hour, super-winch arrives. (Though there was a slight miscommunication about the size of my rig.)

that otta do it

Yep, that oughta do it.

Hooked up

Hooked up

Honey, I didn't mess up your yard too bad, did I?

Honey, is your yard okay?

I don't know which way that is!

How many of you go into complete panic mode when someone yells, "Cut left! No, left!" There are some things I have to accept that I cannot learn.

almost there...

Almost there...

Jenny was here

Jenny was here


Lots of misadventures this week! I’m not sure why.

I’m headed to Austin, Texas soon…

Take care,


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