RV Pantry

When I wasn’t doing very well, I got really, really OCD. I would keep my food, my dishes, and my clothing obsessively organized.

ocd pantry

My cabinets and house would get so orderly that it freaked my husband out. He finally angrily protested, “It’s like a f*cking Stephen King novel in here!”

But anyone who has ever lived in an RV knows that it is really hard to keep things that upright and symmetrical.

I opened my pantry this morning and realized I am making great progress.

not so ocd


I got my Mini stuck in the mud! : (  Luckily, a nice neighbor towed me out.

oops mud

tire in mud

nice neighbors


I’m still having fun redecorating my RV.  I’ve painted, hung curtains, pictures, etc. I hope to get carpet installed. I’ll post pictures when I am done!

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