Notes from My Conscious Self

Speaking of where I am, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned one of the unexpected challenges of my solitary, nomadic lifestyle.

Whenever I am in a daily driving mode (which is much of the time), I almost always wake up in the middle of the night in extreme confusion. I am alone, in a completely familiar environment (my Mini), but have a disturbing sense of dislocation.

Where am I?

It is always with a sense of alarm. I have an irrational middle-of-the-night fear that I’ve fallen asleep in some inappropriate place – like a gas station, or on the side of the road.

The problem is that, with no visible indicators of where I am, I have to completely wake myself up to figure it out.

Oh, now I remember, I am on my way to Michigan and am parked at a Walmart in Iowa.

But by that time, the adrenaline rush (and cognitive work) have me wide awake.

When I hit the road to drive back to Texas, it started up again. I woke up in Green Bay, Wisconsin in complete confusion and fear.

Exasperated, last night I was determined to fix this problem…

Notes from your conscious self


you are here

It worked!



10 months of sobriety today!

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