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I’m still stuck in the mud

When I sunk into the mud and started spinning my wheels in David’s back yard, I was grateful to the nice neighbor-man who was able to pull me back onto the grass.  He couldn’t pull me any farther, and I (quite mistakenly) believed that when the ground dried out, I’d be able to drive off, [...]

RV Pantry

When I wasn’t doing very well, I got really, really OCD. I would keep my food, my dishes, and my clothing obsessively organized.

My cabinets and house would get so orderly that it freaked my husband out. He finally angrily protested, “It’s like a f*cking Stephen King novel in here!”
But anyone who has ever lived in [...]

Notes from My Conscious Self

Speaking of where I am, I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned one of the unexpected challenges of my solitary, nomadic lifestyle.
Whenever I am in a daily driving mode (which is much of the time), I almost always wake up in the middle of the night in extreme confusion. I am alone, in a completely familiar [...]

I’m on the road…

Taking a long and new route back to Texas.
I did a lot of work on my RV in Michigan, so hopefully I can post some new interior photos when I get to David’s house.
I just want to let you know where I am!
Take care,

What I’ve learned so far (revised and expanded!)

This is the post I’d written for Monday, but I had an unexpected this-feels-too-personal reaction and didn’t want to publish it. Maybe it is because it came from a journal entry, since it isn’t that much more personal than stuff I’ve written before. I don’t know. It just feels really personal! (And is kind of [...]

I write a lot of personal stuff on my blog

And sometimes I feel way too overexposed.
I feel that way now!
I’ll be back soon.
Take care,

If you are also trying to find your courage, go read this post by Tara!
That girl amazes me.

This post is an overview of the maintenance issues I’ve had since I started my trip. It is probably only of interest to those of you who are worried/curious about this aspect of RVing (or just are really into RVs)!
Walking out of a fast food restaurant in Anchorage, Alaska:
What is that pool of fluid under [...]

credit card debt update

Before I started blogging, I had about $51,000 in credit card debt that broke down, roughly, as:

American Express: $32,000
Bank of America: $14,000
Bank of America: $5,000

By October of 2009, I had decreased my debt to almost $45,000 that broke down as:

American Express: $31,011
Bank of America: $13,588
Bank of America: $0

When I bought my Mini in March of [...]